Do You Know What a Facelift Can Do?

With the development of numerous lasers, injectables, and high-tech devices, it might seem as though the facelift is outdated. In fact, statistics indicate that this face-refreshing procedure is alive and well in the modern aesthetic world. According to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery more facelifts were performed in 2015 than in 1997, several years before Botox became the “it” treatment for facial aging.

The continued popularity of facelift surgery demonstrates its capability of achieving outstanding results. You may already suspect that a facelift could be beneficial for you. However, realistic expectations can only be secured when you know the whole story about what a facelift can’t do.

  • A facelift can’t make you wrinkle-free. Facial aging occurs for several reasons. Some wrinkles develop because of muscle movement, some because of the loss of firmness in the skin and superficial tissue. Facelift surgery focuses on the lower face, to significantly reduce, if not eliminate, the lines around the mouth and nose. A facelift cannot eliminate lines like crow’s feet around the eyes. It can, however, lift the jowls and make your face look years younger.
  • Facelift surgery can’t restore volume. Part of the reason that the lower face becomes broader with age is that the upper face becomes narrower and flatter. Fat pads usually give the cheeks voluminous contours. As we age, fat decreases across the midface and increases along the jawline. A facelift can refine the angles of the lower face by repositioning superficial tissue, and this can give new shape to the cheeks. However, many patients combine their facelift with injectable fillers to enhance the contours of the midface.
  • A facelift can’t stop aging. Of course, you know this. What you also need to know is that, while aging will continue, your face will look better going forward than it would if you had not had a facelift. Furthermore, the care that you give to your skin after your surgery can prolong the effects of your lift.

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