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Laser hair removal is a popular treatment that has made a positive change in a lot of people’s lives. Like a lot of beauty treatments that achieve dramatic results, laser hair removal is not one we could refer to as “pampering.” That’s not what it’s intended for. Getting laser hair removal doesn’t leave a person blissed-out like a relaxing massage, but it does get them to a point where they can enjoy smooth, sexy skin for a long, long time.

This is the perfect time of the year to begin laser hair removal treatment. If you’ve been on the fence, now is a great time to take the leap. We’ll help by providing a few details about laser hair removal from the pros.

  1. Schedule laser hair removal when you’re skin is paler. Summertime is not ideal for laser hair removal for a few reasons. First, just by walking around in shorts, skirts, and tank tops, our skin will naturally be darker. Laser light is most efficient on lighter skin and darker hair, so it’s best to have treatment when the skin is not tan. Secondly, sun exposure can cause slight irritation to lasered skin. When the weather is cold, we tend to either be inside or covered up. It’s a win-win!
  2. Shave, but don’t pluck before laser hair removal. Laser hair removal works by permeating the hair follicles with light. The light then vaporizes the hair that is in the follicle and spreads thermal energy into the walls of the follicle. This process cannot happen without hair, so plucking and waxing are a no, no. Shaving, however, is recommended 24 hours before each laser hair session. This minimizes hair length to be only within the follicle, maximizing where energy gets delivered.
  3. Come in with clear skin. By clear skin, the pros mean make-up and lotion-free. Whatever area of skin is being treated should be free of product. This is an important recommendation to follow because the product that is on the skin could burn, leading to burns on the skin itself. We don’t want that!
  4. Expect some discomfort but don’t fear pain. Here’s the thing about laser hair removal. It can be uncomfortable. The skin starts to feel warm during treatment or shortly after. This is no different than having a mild sunburn, though. During a session, quick zaps of energy may be felt in some places. This is something like a rubber band snap. Momentary. The laser device moves over the skin so quickly that zaps only last a second.

Don’t let misconceptions about laser hair removal keep you in a grooming rut. Call 210-227-3223 to learn more about treatment in our San Antonio office.

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