Is Liposuction Worth It?

Liposuction is known as a popular fat-reducing procedure. It has consistently been listed as one of the top 5 surgical procedures performed in our country. With standings such as that, it might seem odd to realize that a lot of people ask if it would be worth it to have liposuction. We routinely consult with people who want more sculpted bodies and, as we do, we hear this question over and over again. It is good to question the benefit of any procedure, surgical or not. Here, we discuss how you might determine for yourself if liposuction would be worth it for you.

Starting on the Right Path

The primary question to ask as you consider a liposuction consultation with a San Antonio plastic surgeon is “what do I want to accomplish?” Are you wanting to lose a little weight? How much? Are you interested in the weight factor more than the aesthetic factor? It is important to know that, while liposuction does remove fat cells, it does not result in weight loss. It isn’t supposed to. Liposuction is all about bringing out the best contouring possible. This is only possible when a person is near their healthiest body weight before surgery.

What Can Liposuction Do?

If liposuction doesn’t help you lose weight, is it worth it? It could be! Reasons to have liposuction include:

  • Elimination of stubborn fat. People have liposuction when their healthy lifestyle habits fail to get rid of their muffin top, their “man boobs,” and other stubborn fat. Common treatment areas include the abdomen, hips, flanks, buttocks, thighs, and chin.
  • A desire to wear certain styles of clothing. Shorts, skirts, short-sleeves, jeans, and body-con dresses and jumpsuits are all popular these days. They are also often avoided due to unwanted fat in certain areas. Without pockets of fatty tissue creating bulges and lumps, people can wear items of clothing that were previously avoided.
  • Creating better proportions. The eye naturally goes right to parts of the face or body that stands out. Beauty has always been measured in proportions. By eliminating fatty deposits, liposuction improves harmony across all parts of the body.

Is liposuction worth it? Only you can answer that for yourself. We can help! To schedule your consultation, call 210-227-3223.

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