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Plastic surgery procedures have been popular for many decades. However, fifty, forty, even twenty years ago, people were not as willing to talk about having plastic surgery as they are today. In addition to surgical procedures, we’ve seen quite an increase in nonsurgical rejuvenating and body contouring treatments. Amidst the openness about the various enhancements that are popular today, we still see a strong desire for one thing, a natural look. Just because you want to get work done doesn’t mean you want to look like you’ve had work done. We get it! Here, we offer a few tips for making that happen.

Starting Down the Right Path

Looking younger or more accentuated doesn’t begin the moment your surgeon makes incisions or your provider makes that first injection. It starts long before that. To get work done and still look very natural takes some homework. It takes finding a provider that is fully qualified to plan a successful treatment plan based on your needs. To be clear, a qualified provider is not a “yes man.” An educated, experienced plastic surgeon leans toward the conservative as a way of avoiding an obviously done look.

Be Patient

Plastic surgery procedures require a short recovery period. Even once patients are ready to resume most normal activities, they may have some lingering swelling or tightness that provide telltale signs of plastic surgery. If you want to re-emerge into your life looking refreshed, not done, give yourself ample time to allow these side effects to diminish. Even nonsurgical treatments can look a little obvious at first but should settle within a few hours to a few days.

Think Conservatively

It can be tempting to follow trends in beauty. When it comes to hair and makeup, we’re all for it. When it comes to professional treatments like injections and plastic surgery, we don’t recommend it. Following trends could work against that desire to look natural. The voluptuous “Kylie lip” trend is a prime example. It isn’t that you cannot get dermal filler lip enhancement, it’s that you must do so conservatively if you don’t want it broadcast that you’ve had work done. The same approach is beneficial for people who have breast augmentation. Choosing breast implants that suit your body frame is the best way to avoid looking like you’ve had surgical enhancement.

There is a lot of joy in attaining cosmetic goals. To experience this, find the most qualified provider in your area. We’d love to schedule a consultation for you at our San Antonio office at 210-227-3223!

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