Reasons to Seek Liposuction

There tend to be two concerns brought to the offices of plastic surgeons around the world more than others. One is the aging face, and the other is stubborn fat. The desire for a slim physique is widespread and is demonstrated in a large number of liposuction procedures performed on an annual basis. While new devices have been developed to melt away fat cells without surgery, there is a good reason to at least explore the differences between available treatment options.

Liposuction is a procedure that we routinely perform to help men and women from the San Antonio area ultimately feel better about their body. Their reasons for seeking liposuction may differ, but the result most often includes a heightened sense of self-esteem.

Why liposuction?

  • Fat just won’t let go. If it were easy to keep fat cells in check, we’d all be at the exact weight and shape we want. This isn’t as straightforward as some people make it seem. Eating well and staying active is great, but when it doesn’t produce the full extent of fat reduction desired, there is the good reason for liposuction.
  • Pregnancy has changed the body. Motherhood is an amazing experience, but one that can have a lasting impact on a woman’s body. Many of the women we meet with about liposuction have a simple request: “please help me get my body back.” Ok! We’re happy too!
  • Best-dressed List. Maybe you don’t have a lifelong dream of being on a formal Best-Dressed List, but there is something to be said about fitting into clothing styles that suit your personality. Liposuction can pave the way to a slimmer shape and then some; remember, liposuction is more about body contouring than fat-removal.
  • Confidence in spades. There isn’t a single person we meet who is undeserving of optimal confidence. Liposuction is not a way to gain confidence; a healthy body-image is a vital foundation for satisfying results. What liposuction can do is increase confidence by aligning your outward appearance with your inner beauty.

Contact our San Antonio office at 210-227-3223 to discuss the liposuction treatment process and see how it can help you love your body even more.

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