Mommy Makeover: A Big Change for Your Body

Having a baby is a big deal. Becoming a mother brings a woman immense joy and meaning. It also presents her with an enormous opportunity to change the way she looks at her body. Some women go through their lives without a second thought about how pregnancy and childbirth have altered their appearance. Some women. According to studies, most mothers experience some degree of dissatisfaction about the physical changes their body has gone through as a result of motherhood.

Whether your children are still in diapers or they are in college, you do not need to accept physical features you do not love. Women are learning to lean into what they want and need to feel whole, and there is not a thing wrong with prioritizing physical appearance as a matter of importance. Here, we want to discuss a few particulars about the mommy makeover procedure that may help you as you move forward to restoring your ideal shape.

  • A mommy makeover is not a cure-all for the effects of pregnancy. Dr. Schaffer encourages women to stay at the body weight they want to maintain for at least three months before undergoing cosmetic surgery. There are two objectives here. One is to allow time for the skin to retract after weight loss and two is to maximize the outcome of liposuction and abdominoplasty. A healthy lifestyle is essential to the long-term results of your mommy makeover.
  • A mommy makeover is an exciting and intense process. There may be no way to feel fully prepared for the transformation of your body. We certainly do not want to create unnecessary stress by portraying a mommy makeover as intense. However, it is crucial for patients to understand that they will need a lot of support after their series of surgeries. Patients will spend the majority of the first week or so after a mommy makeover in bed. During this time, friends and family need to cater to your physical and emotional needs. Receiving assistance may be one of the most challenging aspects of recovery.
  • You should be sure you don’t want more children; but, hey, life happens. The reason why we recommend having a mommy makeover only after you are finished having children is that pregnancy affects the body, not because a mommy makeover will affect fertility or a pregnancy. It is safe to become pregnant after a mommy makeover. If you so desire, you can even undergo follow up procedures again in the future.

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