What can a Mommy Makeover Do About Stretch Marks?

Stretch marks are a common indication of growth. Teens may develop stretch marks on their sides, back, or legs during a dramatic growth spurt. Individuals who have lost a substantial amount of weight may also notice streaks on their skin. By and large, though, stretch marks are usually associated with pregnancy. Women who visit our San Antonio office to discuss a Mommy Makeover often express concern over the appearance of their skin, and ask what effect their surgery may have on stretch marks. The answer may not be a simple one in every situation, but there is always hope for some improvement.

Why Some Women Get Stretch Marks

It is interesting that we call the silvery streaks of skin “stretch marks” because they are actually scars. Stretch marks occur when the skin stretches beyond its natural capacity to retract or stretches very quickly. While the application of topical ointments with shea butter or cocoa butter may help, some women’s skin simply doesn’t have enough elasticity to accommodate a growing belly.

Factors in Stretch Mark Removal

One of the biggest factors in stretch mark removal during a Mommy Makeover is the location of these scars. Fortunately, the two areas where marks are most common, the breasts and the lower abdomen, are the precise areas targeted during the series of procedures that restore shape. When you consult with Dr. Schaffer about your Mommy Makeover, discuss your concern about stretch marks. A thorough observation of the breasts and abdomen enable your surgeon to determine the extent of improvement that may be achieved.

Stretch marks on the breasts can be reduced or eliminated with a breast lift, which is an advantageous Mommy Makeover procedure to resolve sagging after breastfeeding and weight loss. Stretch marks on the abdomen may be reduced or removed during abdominoplasty because this procedure trims away excess skin after underlying muscle tissue has been tightened. Abdominoplasty may be better suited to lower stretch marks than to those that develop higher up on the abdomen. During the consultation visit, Dr. Schaffer can estimate the degree of improvement possible for your particular situation.

Mommy Makeover procedures don’t just refine the shape of the body, they can vastly improve Mom’s sense of confidence. Learn more by scheduling a consultation in our San Antonio office at 210-227-3223.

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