Can we Tuck Those Stretch Marks for You?

If you’ve experienced a significant change in weight due to pregnancy or other reasons, you may have stretch marks. These dreaded streaks on the skin are usually attributed to pregnancy, but they may result from any condition that stretches the skin too quickly or drastically. At first, stretch marks appear red or pink. Over time, they usually fade to silver or white. Regardless of how light they become, stretch marks can make a person feel self-conscious and generally dissatisfied with their appearance. This is why stretch mark creams have remained so popular despite their minimal effect. In case you didn’t know, that is what stretch marks are, scars. They form because fibers of collagen and elastin burst. Knowing this, doctors have developed ways to treat them for good.

Treating Stretch Marks the Right Way

Historically, stretch mark treatment has focused on the skin’s surface. People have been sold scar creams and stretch mark creams for decades. These products might fade the scars, making them less noticeable, but they do not eradicate the scars themselves. More recently, laser stretch mark treatments have become popular. However, like the creams that came before them, these treatments also cannot repair the skin but only lighten the discoloration of the unpleasant streaks. For significant and lasting results, patients should consider abdominoplasty.

Most people do not seek abdominoplasty for the sole purpose of eliminating stretch marks. They seek it to achieve other amazing benefits. These include:

  • A slimmer, flatter midsection
  • An hourglass figure
  • Elimination of a c-section scar
  • Repair of abdominal muscle separation (diastasis recti)
  • Belly button repositioning

While there is nothing insignificant about these benefits, there is also something very rewarding about tummy tuck surgery for a person with severe vertical or horizontal scars on the abdomen. The general goal of abdominoplasty may be to tighten the abdominal muscle and skin, doing so achieve ancillary benefits like stretch mark reduction. Because the skin is tauter after a tummy tuck, minor stretch marks that may not have been trimmed away look much subtler.

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