Tummy Tuck Surgery: A Journey Worth Taking!

Sometimes, we can find ways to improve our appearance that stay within the boundaries of a healthy lifestyle. For example, we eat a nutritious diet and exercise several days a week so we can lose those stubborn pounds. This may achieve or nearly achieve many people’s goals. Sometimes, though, we have to take a journey through plastic surgery to achieve the outcome we desire. Tummy tuck surgery is an example of this. The tummy tuck is a procedure that does what diet and exercise often cannot: get astounding results.

It is a big decision to undergo a tummy tuck. The excitement of surgery begins right away. Many patients begin envisioning their new body well before their surgery day. This excitement may wane during the early days of recovery, however. We don’t want that to happen. Here, we discuss what a tummy tuck is intended to accomplish and what you can expect during your recovery if you choose to sculpt your body with this procedure.

Abdominoplasty Surgery

A tummy tuck is performed to correct loose and sagging skin as well as muscle that has lost its tautness. This can be achieved through a few different techniques. Less severe tissue sagging may be corrected with a mini tummy tuck that focuses on the area below the belly button. More severe laxity may need a full tummy tuck that corrects shape from the belly button area down to the pelvic area, including the belly button itself. There is no right amount of sagging to warrant abdominoplasty. Patients with mild to severe cosmetic concerns can benefit from this procedure.

During a tummy tuck, Dr. Schaffer first addresses the layer of muscle beneath the skin. This tissue is pulled tight so that it lies flat. Excess is trimmed and the muscle is secured with sutures. Then, the overlying skin is draped smoothly over the muscle to recontour this area of the body. Excess skin is trimmed and stitches placed to close the incision.

Abdominoplasty Recovery

Many people who are interested in a tummy tuck express concerns that their recovery will be significantly painful. This is a misperception. We won’t call a tummy tuck painless. It is surgery, after all. But patients can control their comfort by taking their prescribed pain medication as directed. After a few days, many patients are ready to switch to over-the-counter medication. What can begin to feel frustrating or make it seem like recovery is more painful than it is is the inability to stand up straight after the tummy tuck. Tissue tightness resolves over time, but gradually. It may take up to two weeks for this side effect to correct. Usually, patients are comfortable returning to work by week three of their recovery, and feel like themselves again, with their normal energy, about one month after their procedure.

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