Posts From January, 2021

Eyelid Surgery

What Causes Droopy Eyelids?

Eyelid rejuvenation has been popular for several years. The blepharoplasty procedure is performed on an outpatient basis and requires little downtime. Due to many successful outcomes, this rejuvenating surgery is considered by more and more people every year. Still, as familiar as the concept of eyelid rejuvenation is, there are details that most patients do… Read More »

Plastic Surgery Recovery

Here Are Three Things You Must Have After Plastic Surgery

You’ve been thinking of having that plastic surgery procedure for years. You’ve finally had your consultation with a plastic surgeon and are starting to plan your recovery. This is where a lot of nervousness usually occurs. There is no way to predict how you will recover from your procedure. However, years of interaction with patients… Read More »

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