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Plastic Surgery Recovery

Here Are Three Things You Must Have After Plastic Surgery

You’ve been thinking of having that plastic surgery procedure for years. You’ve finally had your consultation with a plastic surgeon and are starting to plan your recovery. This is where a lot of nervousness usually occurs. There is no way to predict how you will recover from your procedure. However, years of interaction with patients… Read More »

Get Work Done Without Looking Like It

Plastic surgery procedures have been popular for many decades. However, fifty, forty, even twenty years ago, people were not as willing to talk about having plastic surgery as they are today. In addition to surgical procedures, we’ve seen quite an increase in nonsurgical rejuvenating and body contouring treatments. Amidst the openness about the various enhancements… Read More »

The Emotional Aspect of Plastic Surgery Recovery

When people ask about recovering from a plastic surgery procedure, what they typically want to know is how comfortable or uncomfortable they might be. We often discuss this as well as how to manage comfort as the body heals, what medications they may take, and how much time they’ll need to be off work. What… Read More »

Why Do My Ears Stick Out?

Protruding ears can be a cosmetic problem that stays with you for life. It doesn’t have to be this way. Here, we discuss the various reasons why someone’s ears may stick out and how otoplasty can resolve them. Often, a person’s ears protrude because their genetics determine this characteristic. Only one ear may stick out… Read More »

Should I Combine Surgical Procedures?

One of the common questions posed to plastic surgeons is whether or not multiple procedures can be performed in a single surgical day. The short answer to this question is yes. You may have heard of high-profile cases in which ill-advised patients have undergone nearly a dozen procedures in one day. We say ill-advised because… Read More »

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