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The desire for a younger-looking face may intensify as we notice aging in the eye area. Our eyes say a lot about us; they reveal how well we slept last night (or for the last ten years), they indicate our level of friendliness and approachability. The thing is, the eyes can lie. Maybe you’ve noticed this. Maybe you’re feeling betrayed by your facial expression that has resulted from changes in structure due to age. Maybe it’s time to do something about your concerns. Your San Antonio cosmetic surgeon can help you.

Age and Your Eyes

The loss of collagen and elastin can do a doozy on the eyes. The already-delicate skin on the upper and lower lids is susceptible to the slightest changes. Sometimes, the change in question is the position of the brow on the forehead. The brow line should correlate with the upper bony ridge of the eye socket. The constant pull of gravity, tension of facial muscles in the upper face, and depletion of collagen all play a role in a drooping brow line. Ultimately, this can cause the eyes to look smaller, angry, and unfriendly. Fortunately, correction is well within reach.

Non-Surgical Treatment is Raising Eyebrows

A drooping brow is a common concern that may be addressed without surgery. In recent years, it has been discovered that BOTOX Cosmetic has the power to offset the downward pull of gravity and tensed muscles. This injectable works by inhibiting the release of a vital chemical that enables muscles to contract. When introduced into the muscle at the brow line, BOTOX gently releases tension so the brow can reposition a bit higher on the face. As a result of the slight upward movement of the brow, many patients also notice that the upper eyelid appears less heavy.

Surgical Brow Lifting

BOTOX is a great option for individuals who may not be ready to commit to surgery. However, because results last only a few months, and are limited in how much lift can be attained, there is the good reason to consider a surgical brow lift. Meticulously performed, a brow lift opens up the eyes to create a friendlier and more confident appearance with little downtime and long-lasting results.

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