Facelift Surgery: When is it Time?

Aging is not something we can go through without a few consequences. It isn’t so much about the lifestyle habits we keep (though that is part of it), but about the natural way in which the body changes over time. We see this play out on the face in the form of sagging jowls, lines around the nose and mouth, drooping brows, and flattened cheekbones. These concerns are inevitable, but they do not have to be a permanent frustration. At some point, we all have the choice to enliven our appearance, so the outside matches what is on the inside. One way to do this is with a full facelift.

The Question of Timing

One of the biggest obstacles that men and women may face is discerning when their time has come to seek the expertise of a trained, experienced cosmetic surgeon. In our San Antonio office, we consult with individuals as young as their forties as well as those in their seventies. According to research, advanced age is no more of concern for facelift patients than general health. This is great news for the over-65 age group. But what about the flip-side? How often might you be tempted to feel that the time hasn’t come because facial aging isn’t “bad enough?”

The timing of facelift surgery has very little to do with biological age. This should be reassuring to most people. What we look at when recommending this procedure is how soft tissue and muscle drapes over the bony structures of the face. The laxity of the skin is also a factor that is integral in the decision to undergo facelift surgery. Finally, patients often ask themselves if they can get the results they want from non-surgical treatments such as injectables or laser skin-tightening. When the answer is no, there is a clear indication for facelift surgery.

A common reason why people put off learning about facelift surgery is that they think they know what the process entails, and what they may look like after facial skin and tissue are tightened. Often, the perception that exists is wrong. Facelift surgery has evolved to improve patient outcomes. Get the facts that will help you decide the best timing for your facial rejuvenation in a consultation with Dr. Schaffer.

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