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How Soon After A Brow Or Facelift Can I Return to Normal Activities?

As treatments and procedures to slow or reverse aesthetic changes caused by aging or other factors become more common, there is a growing variety and availability of treatment options. Although the specific aesthetic improvement that is desired will greatly determine which treatment is best, you often have the option of weighing the ease of recovery… Read More »

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Reasons To Consider Brow Lift Surgery

Naturally, your eyebrows define how you look. They show expression, express your emotions, and outline how your eyes look. While you may want to maintain the young natural glow, aging might lead to sagging skin. Therefore, a brow lift can help manage the unavoidable signs of aging and give your face a tighter and symmetrical… Read More »

What You Need to Know about Brow Lift Surgery

Typically, discussion about the eyebrows tends to revolve around tweezing, threading, and otherwise achieving a curvature one would describe as “on point.” The eyebrows are a frame to the eyes, so it is no wonder we want to give them attention. As we age, the position of the brow line gradually changes. Because this occurs… Read More »

This Way to a Younger Face

The desire for a younger-looking face may intensify as we notice aging in the eye area. Our eyes say a lot about us; they reveal how well we slept last night (or for the last ten years), they indicate our level of friendliness and approachability. The thing is, the eyes can lie. Maybe you’ve noticed… Read More »

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