What You Need to Know about Brow Lift Surgery

Typically, discussion about the eyebrows tends to revolve around tweezing, threading, and otherwise achieving a curvature one would describe as “on point.” The eyebrows are a frame to the eyes, so it is no wonder we want to give them attention. As we age, the position of the brow line gradually changes. Because this occurs over several years, the effect of tissue drop may not be noticed right away. When it is, the eyelids themselves may be viewed as the problem. In reality, the eyelids may appear heavy because the eyebrows are no longer in their proper place.

Brow lift surgery is a treatment option that many people consider to achieve long-lasting results. Here, we discuss a few things you should know about a brow lift if you are facing concerns about the signs of facial aging.

A brow lift reinstates the natural beauty you once had.

A brow lift is a big deal. We won’t deny that. In the wrong hands, this procedure could have unsatisfactory implications. However, your board-certified plastic surgeon understands that the purpose of a brow lift is to reinstate the height at which the brow normally sat before drastic aging occurred. Dr. Schaffer observes the bony structure of the upper orbital rim when developing the brow lift treatment plan for each patient. This bony ridge is the appropriate guide, the point at which the brow line should rest after surgery. When you choose to undergo a brow lift, you can expect for your natural curvature and beauty to be restored.

A brow lift outdoes injectables by a long shot.

Recently, we have seen an immense shift away from surgical procedures and toward all things conservative. Injectable procedures largely outnumber surgical lifts. However advantageous this may be in terms of downtime, there is really no comparison between treatments such as Botox and a surgical brow lift to achieve noticeable and lasting results. Botox is an excellent treatment option for mild brow laxity, but many people eventually desire the amount of lift that cannot come from a syringe.

A brow lift is a big deal.

We may have said this, but it’s worth repeating. A brow lift is a big deal, it is a procedure in which the tissue of the forehead is repositioned and excess is removed for good. Brow lift surgery is in the realm of a qualified plastic surgeon only and should never be obtained from any other type of doctor or beauty professional.

The eyes are one of the most important parts of the face for human interaction and for your own sense of confidence. Learn more about brow lift surgery as well as Botox for lifted brows. Call our San Antonio office at 210-227-3223.

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