Should I Combine Surgical Procedures?

One of the common questions posed to plastic surgeons is whether or not multiple procedures can be performed in a single surgical day. The short answer to this question is yes. You may have heard of high-profile cases in which ill-advised patients have undergone nearly a dozen procedures in one day. We say ill-advised because the fact that it’s possible to combine procedures, it isn’t always wise to do so. As a nationally-recognized board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Schaffer uses extreme care when considering a single surgical procedure, let alone multiple at once.

Advantages of Combining Plastic Surgery Procedures

There are several reasons why a patient may want to have more than one procedure done in a single surgery. Doing so saves time in the long run. The surgery day will be longer, and that also means a longer period of time under anesthesia. Having multiple procedures at once also increases the recovery period in most situations. These points don’t really sound like advantages when you look at them individually. However, what appeals to most patients is that, once the surgery is done, it’s done. Once they are into their recovery period, they don’t have to anticipate another. This means fewer office visits and less time off work, too.

Combining surgeries may also have a financial benefit to it. A single surgery day incurs fewer costs related to anesthesia services and the time in the surgery center. General surgical fees may also be less when procedures are combined.

Are You Considering a Combination of Cosmetic Procedures?

When conducted properly after a thorough consultation and comprehensive medical history and examination, a combination of plastic surgery procedures can have more ups than downs. During a consultation, patients should expect to discuss both the advantages and disadvantages with their surgeon. Safety concerns and potential complications should be addressed sufficiently during this initial visit. Your surgeon should also be up front about the degree of improvement expected from your various procedures. Let’s not forget, as well, that plastic surgery is the arena of the board-certified PLASTIC SURGEON, not a general physician or other specialist. Plastic surgeries can be highly complex. However, in the right hands, combined procedures can lead to the most satisfying results.

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