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Breast implant replacement

Can You Replace Your Breast Implants?

If you underwent breast augmentation, chances are it took considerable time and careful deliberation to know the results you desired and who you wanted the procedure done by. Even after getting the procedure, you may want to revise your results, either because the results were not what you expected or you’ve changed your mind. In… Read More »

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Why Breast Implant Replacement Surgery is More Common Than you Think

Breast augmentation surgery is well-established as a safe and effective way for women to achieve larger, fuller, and more proportionate-looking breasts. Over recent years, improvements in materials and techniques have also allowed for a more natural appearance after augmentation and a reduction in the likelihood of visible scars or complications. However, there are several reasons… Read More »

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Don’t Accept Unsatisfactory Breast Implants

If you are dissatisfied with the result of your breast augmentation and are feeling self-conscious about your appearance, do not be distressed. Dr. Eric S. Schaffer is here to help if your breast augmentation wasn’t performed to your satisfaction – or – if you need an updated look. There is no reason to continue to… Read More »

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