Don’t Accept Unsatisfactory Breast Implants

Girl with big Breasts in white underwearIf you are dissatisfied with the result of your breast augmentation and are feeling self-conscious about your appearance, do not be distressed. Dr. Eric S. Schaffer is here to help if your breast augmentation wasn’t performed to your satisfaction – or – if you need an updated look. There is no reason to continue to live with disappointing breast implants when you can seek out an experienced cosmetic surgeon offering beautiful replacements.

The Goal of Breast Implant Replacement

The goal of a first-time or replacement breast augmentation is to achieve a look that is naturally symmetrical to your body. Predictions of results during a consultation should be based on your personal preference. That is, what are you looking to achieve from a breast implant replacement?

Preferences generally encompass:

  • Perkier
  • Firmer
  • Larger
  • Smaller
  • Remove implants altogether

Your personal desire will be highly weighed as a factor in determining the least invasive surgical repair treatment course of action recommended. The most reasonable choice will be one with the goal of achieving a more acceptable breast appearance without additional scarring.

Waiting Period Before Breast Replacement

When you are not satisfied with your breast augmentation, it is important to recognize that the healing process may not have been completed. Breast augmentation results are not immediate because swelling may distort your appearance for up to six months. Depending on your age, physical health, and lifestyle, it typically takes three months to a year before final appearance results are apparent.

Need for Immediate Breast Replacement

However, if you are experiencing the following unexpected complications, you should contact Dr. Schaffer as soon as possible:

  • Deflated or ruptured saline implants
  • Ruptured or leaking silicone implants
  • A capsular contracture
  • Shift in the position of implants
  • Saggy implants
  • Wrong breast implant size

Don’t Give Up On Breasts Meeting Your Satisfaction

Dr. Schaffer is a board-certified plastic surgeon who has performed breast augmentation and replacement procedures for over 30 years. Call 210-227-3223 to schedule your consultation for a satisfactory breast replacement by Dr. Schaffer in San Antonio, TX.

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