Are You Ready for a Facelift? Here’s How to Tell!

As much as we understand the benefits of getting older, many people still feel frustrated about the cosmetic changes that occur with age. By age 40, most people have lost a fair amount of skin elasticity. This means that there is less “bounce-back” than there once was. Additionally, around this time in life, the muscles beneath the fatty layer of tissue also begin to degrade, right along with the fat that is necessary for mid-face volume. Together, these changes can make the face appear longer, gaunt, or heavier at the bottom. This is when many people start to consider a facelift or other cosmetic treatment. Here, we point out a few telltale signs that your time for a facelift may have arrived.

You May be Ready for a Facelift If

You’re unhappy with what you see in the mirror.

A few lines and wrinkles aren’t all that troublesome. It is when you see a face that no longer looks like you that you may feel overwhelmed by the whole aging thing. We must point out that facelift surgery isn’t only about looking younger. The reason why so many people get a surgical lift is that they want to look and feel like themselves again. If you’re in your fifties, don’t expect a facelift to make you look 25 or even 30. That’s not the point. The goal is to refresh the face by about 10 years.

You’re tired of needing continual touch-ups.

Injectables have become the most common method of treating many of the signs of aging. Botox injections can reduce worry lines, frown lines, crows’ feet, and can lift the brow slightly. Dermal fillers can restore some fullness and contour to the cheek area and may be used along the jawline in some cases to disguise jowls. Fillers are also now commonly used to minimize under-eye bags. The benefit of injectables is that they are convenient. The disadvantage of this approach is that it requires continued touch-ups. These may be necessary as often as every few months. Over time, more product may be needed to achieve the same results because, while they help, these products do not slow the process of aging. A facelift carefully repositions tissue and tightens the skin to achieve natural-looking results that last many years.

There is a lot that a good facelift can do. This procedure can smooth deep creases around the nose and mouth, reduce or eliminate downturned mouth corners, lift the jawline and chin to be more angled, and restore a naturally friendly and vibrant appearance to the face. The improvements achieved with facelift surgery translate into better self-confidence.

Dr. Schaffer wants the best results for all of our patients. To learn more about facelift surgery, call our San Antonio office at 210-227-3223 and schedule your visit.

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