Cases in Browlift

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Browlift Patient 1

December 8, 2016

Description: Alana from Spring Branch, Texas came to Dr. Eric Schaffer regaurding the slight drooping of her brow line and eyelids. Dr. Schaffer recommended a browlift as well as a blepharoplasty (eyelid lift). Alana underwent both procedures and now she is very happy with the results of her surgery and the new, refreshed appearance of… Read More »

Browlift Patient 2

Description: Molly, a patient from Austin, Texas felt that her eyebrows were drooping and wanted to have her eyes opened up more. Dr. Eric Schaffer recommended a brow lift for Molly and she scheduled for her procedure right away. Dr. Schaffer achieved a wonderful result for Molly renewing her youthful, beautiful face. She is very… Read More »

Browlift Patient 3

Description: Wanda, from San Antonio, Texas was particularly unhappy with her facial lines. She was referred to Dr. Eric Schaffer when she asked her family physician about finding a plastic surgeon in her area. During her consultation with Dr. Schaffer, he explained to Wanda that a brow lift would improve the tightness in her forhead.… Read More »

Browlift Patient 4

September 12, 2018

Description:  Patient is 62 years old and wanted to look awake and refreshed for a special event coming up.  Dr. Eric Schaffer recommended a Browlift procedure to lift her eyelids and open up her beautiful eyes.

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