Cases in Facelift

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Facelift Patient 1

November 6, 2016

Description: Merryl, from Boerne, Texas was very unhappy with the appearance of her marionette/jowl lines and came to Dr. Eric Schaffer in hopes to improve the tightness of her face. Dr. Schaffer performed a face lift on Merryl which tightened the loose skin around her jowl lines. Now, she is very happy with the new,… Read More »

Facelift Patient 2

December 7, 2016

Description: Judy from Austin, Texas wanted to improve the appearance and tightness of her face. She was unhappy with the drooping around her cheeks and came to Dr. Eric Schaffer to talk about a solution. He performed a face lit on Judy and removed years of aging from her face. Judy now feels great and… Read More »

Facelift Patient 3

June 25, 2018

Description:  Patient is 49 years old and wanted to improve the appearance her jowls, neck and eyes.  Facelift, Browlift and necklift were performed.

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