Breast Augmentation Patient 22

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Case ID: 0806



Description: Jennifer, from Corpus Christi, Texas found out about Dr. Schaffer from a friend who had surgery done by him recently. She was able to see firsthand the results of Dr. Schaffer’s plastic surgery. Jennifer was so impressed with her friend’s results that she decided to schedule a consultation with Dr. Schaffer. Jennifer had some area of her body that she was unhappy with but her main goal was to talk to Dr. Schaffer about a breast augmentation. She had always had medium size breasts but she desired to have more volume. Jennifer decided to go with 275 saline filled implants to 350. Along with receiving a breast augmentation Jennifer also decided to combine liposuction. By creating a “Mommy Makeover Package” Jennifer would be able to save money and recovery time. To view the results from Jennifer’s other procedure visit Liposuction section.
Patient Age: 38
Height: 5’5″
Weight: 135
Gender: Female
Implant Size (Left): 350
Implant Size (Right): 350
Cup Size Before: B

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