Breast Augmentation Patient 24

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Case ID: 0822




Oblique Right:

Oblique Left:

Description: Katelyn a 20 year old student from Austin, Texas had decided that she wanted to have a breast augmentation to help even out her breast size discrepancy. Breast asymmetry is very common among women and Katelyn’s right breast was a little larger than her left breast which was lower on her ribcage. After doing research on doctors in Austin she did not feel comfortable with any doctors, so she broadened her search to San Antonio. After talking with his staff on the phone she immediately knew that she wanted to meet Dr. Schaffer. At the consultation, Dr. Schaffer thoroughly explained his surgical technique and discussed saline implants filled to slightly different amounts to correct her asymmetry. She was impressed that Dr. Schaffer took his time in explaining her surgery and answering many of her questions. Katelyn is thrilled with her results from the surgery. She cannot believe how natural and more symmetric her breasts look and feel.
Patient Age: 20
Height: 5’5″
Weight: 125
Gender: Female
Implant Size (Left): 375
Implant Size (Right): 360
Cup Size Before: B
Cup Size After: C

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