Breast Augmentation Patient 26

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Oblique Right:

Oblique Left:

Description: Janice from San Antonio, Texas had been considering getting a breast augmentation since she was done having children. Her normal bra size had always been a 34 C but during her pregnancies she went to a very large F cup. After she was done breast feeding her children, her cup size dropped to barely an A. Janice was very unhappy with the lack of fullness and asymmetry of her breast. Janice knew she only wanted a Board Certified Surgeon to discuss having a breast augmentation. Dr. Schaffer was the most recommended doctor in San Antonio when it came to being Board Certified. During the consultation Janice and Dr. Schaffer both decided that 300 cc Saline implants that were filled to different amounts. This would help achieve the goal of correcting the slight asymmetry and volume to create a natural and full breast. Janice could not be happier with her results and is very thankful to Dr. Schaffer and his helpful staff.
Patient Age: 35
Height: 5’4″
Weight: 120
Gender: Female
Implant Size (Left): 335
Implant Size (Right): 300
Cup Size Before: A
Cup Size After: C

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