Breast Augmentation Patient 32

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Case ID: 0906


Taylor from Fredericksburg, Texas decided long ago that she wanted to have a breast augmentation although she never found a doctor that she felt comfortable enough with to proceed with the surgery. She had done extensive research for many years but it wasn’t until Taylor moved to San Antonio that she finally found a boar certified plastic surgeon that she felt comfortable with. After viewing Dr. Schaffer’s website and seeing all the positive reviews she scheduled a consultation to meet with him. Dr. Schaffer answered all of Taylor’s questions and concerns about the surgery; this confirmed her confidence the Dr. Schaffer was the right doctor for her. Taylor started out as a 36 B cup deciding on 325 cc saline filled implants this put her at a comfortable D cup. Taylor was so happy with her results and experience with Dr. Schaffer and his staff that she is considering having more procedures done by him.

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