Breast Augmentation Patient 64

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Case ID: 1226



Oblique Left:

Description: Anna from San Antonio, Texas came for a consultation after her best friend had a breast augmentation with Dr. Schaffer. She liked the way her friend looked so natural and her implants were very soft. Her pre-surgical bra size was 34B and she is now a beautiful 34D. The saline implant size was 250cc filled to 275cc. Implant: Saline filled; Placement: Complete Sub-Muscular (below muscles completely); Incision: Transaxillary (through armpit)
Patient Age: 43
Height: 5’2″
Weight: 110
Gender: Female
Implant Size (Left): 250
Implant Size (Right): 250
Cup Size Before: 34B
Cup Size After: 34D

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