The 5 star reviews are no joke, Dr. Schaffer is the real deal! I became interested in having my procedure done about a year ago so naturally I turned to the web to search for surgeons. Normally I would have researched multiple surgeons to get the best feel for who I would be comfortable with the most. The first surgeon I came across was Dr. Schaffer and I automatically knew that my search was over. For some reason I felt that there was no need to investigate other local surgeons and therefore I made an appointment for an estimate that very day. At my first appointment I was delighted to be greeted by such a welcoming, vibrant, and genuine staff! All of the ladies in the office made me feel at ease. I had always felt that something was wrong with my breasts which hindered my self-confidence greatly. Dr. Schaffer provided me with the answers that I had been looking for ever since puberty. I was told that I had a congenital tubular breast and no breast tissue had formed in my other one. Hearing the issue at hand and with Dr. Schaffer assuring me that my case could be corrected, my heart fluttered with excitement. Throughout the whole process Dr. Schaffer was genuine, professional, and just all around an amazing being. He has fully restored my confidence with his work. I went from feeling like an embarrassment and sorry excuse to be called a ‘woman’ to an unstoppable, confident, empowering, and very entitled ‘woman.’ Dr. Schaffer’s work has given me an essence I couldn’t even begin to describe! I have the power to live my life so much freer now. I truly cannot say thank you enough!

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