For years I tried to lose weight and get rid of my mommy pooch, but no matter what I did it would never go away. I finally decided after being unhappy and having no self-confidence for almost a decade it was time to do something about it. I did tons of research on who to go to for a tummy tuck and looked at tons of before and after photos. Dr. Schaffer’s before and after photos were amazing. I set up a consultation with him. His staff is amazing, sweet, and very helpful and Dr. Schaffer’s bedside manner and knowledge are second to none. After that consultation, I knew I found the doctor to help me feel like my old self again. The day of surgery went amazing. The staff, nurses, and Dr. Schaffer helped to ease my anxiety. Dr. Schaffer’s technique for a tummy tuck is simply the best. He also uses liposuction to contour your sides to give you that desired hourglass figure. The healing process went well with very little pain. My stomach is super tight and flat. I can’t thank him enough. He has given me my confidence back. I now look forward to bathing suit shopping. I have the cutest waist and belly button. I now find myself almost 40 years old and wearing crop tops to show off my waist. I have been asked if I had to do the surgery over would I do it again and my answer is absolutely in a heartbeat as long as Dr. Schaffer is doing it. If your thinking of having a tummy tuck look no further Dr. Schaffer is without a doubt the best. The only regret I have is not doing this sooner. Thank you Dr. Schaffer for giving me my confidence back.

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