I’m a physician in San Antonio for the past 20+ years. One of the good fortunes of being a physician is having inside knowledge of the specialists who are the best in their field. In the specialty of plastic surgery, Dr. Eric Schaffer is at the very top. He is well-respected by his peers for good reason. My wife and I have both had procedures done by Dr. Schaffer and could not be more happy with the results! One of the aspects of plastic surgery that most people don’t think about is long term results. Any surgeon can show glowing before and after photos, but the true test of a master surgeon is the quality of cosmetic result several years down the road. Dr. Schaffer’s extensive experience and dedication to his craft allows him to achieve excellent results long-term. I highly recommend Dr. Schaffer to all my patients who are considering plastic surgery. If you are trying to find a high-quality, compassionate, skilled surgeon, look no further.

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