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Plastic Surgery Patient Testimonials San Antonio

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Dr. Schaffer and his team were incredible from beginning to end. I have wanted this procedure my entire life, and I was certain I wanted a skilled and caring doctor. Not only did they educate me through the entire process, they also took great care of me and did a seamless job. I get compliments all of the time, and women don’t even know they’ve been worked on. I look and feel GREAT! Thank you Dr. S & all the great ladies there!


Dr. Schaffer was great, kind, and comfortable to speak with. I have no real words for how I feel about the results. To explain, I am 6’1″, I was around 214lbs, 7 kids, and 37 years of age. I received 700cc’s implants along with a Tummy tuck. I wore a 16/18 size in clothing. I was able to meet the sweetest and nicest people that helped me out before and after. Dr. Schaffer was even awesome enough to allow my Tummy tuck to be recorded, which you can see on YouTube just copy and paste the link. I ❤️ The results more then I could have ever expected. It has now been 6 months since my surgery and I weigh 192lbs, wear a size 11/12, and I am now a 36 DD. Check it out for yourself and please let me and Dr Schaffer know what you think by check out the pictures on instagram, Mercedeshedges. Come talk to him and you will see he is the best.


I am a 52 year old woman who has suffered with large breast since I was 11 years old. As an adult a close friend of mine had a reduction. I made an appointment with her surgeon and was approved for the reduction but lost my insurance. What a blessing in disguise. Back then the surgeon removed the nipples and skin grafted them back on. My friend lost her nipples. So 10 years later and still dreaming of having a reduction, living in constant pain in my neck and shoulders one of my co-workers showed me pictures of his wife’s recent reduction. I think he was as happy and excited about the results as his wife was. I asked for the surgeons name and number, did my research and made my appointment with Dr. Schaffer. My husband went with me and was as impressed with Dr. Schaffer as I was. There are not enough words in the English language to describe what I am feeling. Dr. Schaffer has been blessed by God with a talent which is truly amazing. He is a surgical genius! Has a good sense of humor and wonderful bedside manner. During my markings he asked me what size did I want to be. I told him I wanted to be proportioned to my body but wanted the surgery to be worth while so that I would no longer be in constant pain in my neck and shoulders. The results are incredible. I am 9 weeks post surgery and my breast are amazing. And yes I have both nipples! This has been an amazing journey for me. I have laughed, cried, giggled, and stared in amazement. I can’t seem to pass my mirror without looking at my firm, perky breast. My husband and I can never thank Dr. Schaffer enough for what he has done for my over all health and self esteem. Thank you to his wonderful staff. You ladies are so kind, caring and informative. I have and will continue to recommend you to anyone considering plastic surgery.

After a strong recommendation from my primary care physician, I scheduled a consultation with Dr. Schaffer for a breast augmentation and tummy tuck. The meeting could not have gone better, and my search for the right plastic surgeon began and ended that day. I’m 35 years old and after having two 8+ pound babies, an umbilical hernia, a displeasing umbilical hernia repair resulting in the loss of my belly button, and breast feeding both children, no amount of exercise and weight loss could tighten and tone my mid-section to my liking. My abdominal muscle separation, or diastasis recti, was quite severe and left me wearing loose tops to disguise my bulging tummy and umbilical hernia. Despite being 115lbs and in pretty good shape, I was hiding behind baggy clothes. Dr. Schaffer’s bedside manner and professionalism was comforting and reassuring. I never once questioned my decision to move forward with him as my physician. Dr. Schaffer’s lovely office staff streamlined the preparation for the procedure and the recovery process. For such an involved procedure and recovery, they made it as easy and as pleasant as possible for me. I love, love, love the results of my tummy tuck and breast augmentation. At 35 years old I’m so glad I made the decision to repair the toll having babies took on my body. I’m more confident and can now wear form-fitting clothes that I once thought I would never be able to wear again. I was very nervous about the breast augmentation. Despite continued reassurances from Dr Schaffer and his staff, I worried the size I chose would end up looking too big. Rest assured, Dr. Schaffer prefers a more natural-looking breast size (if that is what you are seeking) and balanced look. My breasts are a conservative size, they appear very natural, and truly balance my figure with my hips. Overall, I could not be happier and would recommend Dr. Schaffer to anyone and everyone. Thank you, Dr. Schaffer and staff.

Dr. Shaffer is an excellent surgeon. This is something I saw in all the reviews and even heard from the hospital staff before my surgery. This is also something I can now say from experience. My breast augmentation and lift looks amazing! I’m so happy with the results. I feel like I have the body I’m supposed to have. Thank you to the wonderful staff and Dr. Shaffer. From the first consultation, surgery and subsequent appointments. I have been treated with kindness and reassurance.


I am a 32 yr old mother of 2 (5yr & 1.5yr) who nursed and wanted “volume” back… a little extra. I never had large breast and wore a 34B (barely) but after nursing felt even more self conscious about the size and now lack of volume to boot. I was able to visit 4 well known surgeons in the area and decided that Dr. Schaffer was the right surgeon for me. He is extremely knowledgeable, friendly and professional. The staff are also very friendly and knowledgeable, especially Victoria, she is very easy going and made me feel comfortable. Ultimately I chose Dr. Schaffer because of his extensive experience and I never felt any pressure to go larger than what I was comfortable with. I wanted more volume and to be larger but was worried about going too big. My weight is 137lbs and had Saline implants (R350cc and L375cc) inserted through the under arm. It’s been just over two months since my surgery and I’m extremely satisfied and relieved that I made the right decision. I am so happy with the size (final cup size 34DD), overall look, feel and recovery. The incision is hardly noticeable and they feel great. My husband and I are very happy with the results and highly recommend Dr. Schaffer.


Implant failure is untimely and unpleasant. So grateful I was directed to Dr. Schaffer to manage. He and his staff are professional and exceptionally skilled. Everyone I encountered was kind, compassionate and competent. Happier than ever before with the results of my augmentation. He created the very natural looking enhancement I was seeking. I strongly encourage anyone considering augmentation to consult with Dr. Schaffer.

– Removal and Replacement of Saline Implants Patient

I LOVE THIS DOCTOR!!!! I would (and HAVE) recommend him to anybody who needs anything done! He is so knowledgeable and answered all my questions. He spent time with me and I didn’t feel rushed when I expressed my concerns. His staff is super friendly! My boob job came out BETTER than what I expected- I couldn’t have asked for anything more! After 6 weeks of healing, I also went in for laser hair removal (I got a discount b/c I had a procedure done by him) given to me by one of his staff and I just love her! So my review is 5 stars!! Everything went perfectly!! Thanks so much Dr. Shaffer!

Dr. Schaffer and his staff were absolutely incredible! Everyone was professional and polite, patiently addressing my 101 questions. They explained the procedures for me, walked me through everything, and made me feel comfortable. I had breast augmentation done, and am 110% pleased with the results. Dr. Schaffer did a great job helping me pick the right size and I couldn’t be happier. The best part was how wonderful they have been with the follow-up, and helping me through the healing process. I would highly recommend him and his staff!


EVERYTHING WAS PERFECT! All of my expectations of my breast augmentation were surpassed!! I was very comfortable with everything and everyone. The staff was very friendly. I will also come here with anything else I might want to have done in the future. Dr. Shaffer delivered ☆☆☆☆☆


Love, love my new body that Dr. Schaffer gave me. I cannot say enough good things about Dr. Schaffer & his office staff & nurses at the hospital. Never had to wait for my appointments. Dr. Schaffer explained every detail of the procedures that I was having, so that I was comfortable with everything. I would highly recommend Dr. Schaffer for any plastic surgery you my want.


After 52 years of being unhappy with my small breast size, I researched, talked to people about experiences and results, then made my appointment with Dr. Schaffer. Dr. Schaffer put NO pressure on me to go larger than I was comfortable with. I’d been small all my life, and wanted a B cup. My body didn’t cooperate, and my first implants encapsulated. Dr. Schaffer spent alot of time with appointments and during a long second surgery. My daughters, mom, and even my fiance attend appointments with me. After two augmentations, I continue to be amazed and grateful for having such a top rate doctor! I love my looks, feel more confident, and find myself enjoying life so much more. I am thrilled when I look in the mirror and feel sexy. :)

Thank you Dr. Schaffer, for your expertise, knowledge, skill, and infinite patience in answering my questions. Thank you for having the absolute best office staff; you and the ladies in the office have the best attitudes, sense of humor, authentic concern, and always make time to address concerns.

So, now at 53, I daily look at myself and say “I love my boobs!”


At the age of 56 I decided to have some work done to refresh my face. I interviewed three doctors. I chose Dr. Schaffer because of his experience, bedside manner and I felt safe and satisfied with the procedure Dr. Schaffer recommended. I find my husband (who is not a natural born complimentary person) staring at me sometimes. He says the change is so subtle that he can’t believe how much younger I look in a soft and natural way. I would highly recommend Dr. Schaffer and will to all my friends!


I researched for 4 months to find the best surgeon possible. After seeing all the before and after photos of his patients I was convinced he was the best choice. Dr. Schaffer patiently went over my options and we opted for abdominoplasty and the results were fabulous! He and his caring and knowledgeable staff guided me before and after my surgery. I was so pleased and impressed with his meticulous work that i went back for liposuction on my back, hips, legs and thighs. I couldn’t be happier with the results! At the age of 43 i look better than i did at 25! Congratulations and a big thank you to Dr. Schaffer!


Quiero agradecer al Dr Schaffer por el excelente trabajo que realizo en mi cuerpi. Toda mi vida habia deseado tener mis senos mas grandes, ya que con ayuda de bracier lograba usar una copa B, ya se imaginaran que tan pequeños eran mis senos..o al menos que tan pequeños yo los miraba y sentia. Despues de que una amiga me recomendo al Dr Scaffer, decidi hacer una visita y consultarlo, fue muy buena mi primera impresion desde que hice la llamada para hacer mi cita. Gracias a VICTORIA, tambien que siempre ha estado a mi lado en mis consultas y eso me da mucho mas seguridad porque me ayuda con el idioma. Llego el dia y la cirugia fue un exito!!! Quede super feliz con el tamaño de mis senos.. Ahora soy una talla C y luzco muy natural…recomiendo al Dr Schaffer definitivamente..


I researched for 4 months to find the best surgeon possible. After seeing all the before and after photos of his patients I was convinced he was the best choice. Dr. Schaffer patiently went over my options and we opted for abdominoplasty and the results were fabulous! He and his caring and knowledgeable staff guided me before and after my surgery. I was so pleased and impressed with his meticulous work that i went back for liposuction on my back, hips, legs and thighs. I couldn’t be happier with the results! At the age of 43 i look better than i did at 25! Congratulations and a big thank you to Dr. Schaffer!


Had a tummy tuck done by Dr. Schaffer last fall and I am sooo pleased and can’t believe how wonderful my stomach looks now. I actually have a belly button now and can see it. I am able to wear things now that I could not wear before, I am extremely happy with the results as well as more confident. The office staff is very friendly and are always kind and helpful each time I have visited the office. I would definitely recommend Dr. Schaffer to anyone who’s contemplating getting this surgery done. In addition, Dr. Schaffer is very well known in other offices/hospitals of which I have visited for other appointments as well. I absolutely love this doctor and his staff!


The 5 star reviews are no joke, Dr. Schaffer is the real deal! I became interested in having my procedure done about a year ago so naturally I turned to the web to search for surgeons. Normally I would have researched multiple surgeons to get the best feel for who I would be comfortable with the most. The first surgeon I came across was Dr. Schaffer and I automatically knew that my search was over. For some reason I felt that there was no need to investigate other local surgeons and therefore I made an appointment for an estimate that very day. At my first appointment I was delighted to be greeted by such a welcoming, vibrant, and genuine staff! All of the ladies in the office made me feel at ease. I had always felt that something was wrong with my breasts which hindered my self-confidence greatly. Dr. Schaffer provided me with the answers that I had been looking for ever since puberty. I was told that I had a congenital tubular breast and no breast tissue had formed in my other one. Hearing the issue at hand and with Dr. Schaffer assuring me that my case could be corrected, my heart fluttered with excitement. Throughout the whole process Dr. Schaffer was genuine, professional, and just all around an amazing being. He has fully restored my confidence with his work. I went from feeling like an embarrassment and sorry excuse to be called a ‘woman’ to an unstoppable, confident, empowering, and very entitled ‘woman.’ Dr. Schaffer’s work has given me an essence I couldn’t even begin to describe! I have the power to live my life so much freer now. I truly cannot say thank you enough!


I interviewed 5 plastic surgeons in San Antonio. I was told liposuction was not a good choice for me after having 2 children and I would be unhappy with the results. Dr. Schaffer assured me, I was an excellent canidadte for liposuction on my stomach, back, auxillary and neck. I was a very nervous patient and Dr. Schaffer understood my needs. If you are considering liposuction, Dr. Schaffer did an absolute beautiful job. My husband was very hesitant of me having this surgery and even he thinks it looks great and very natural. I have always worked out, watched what I ate, but never had the midsection i have now. Liposuction is a very difficult procedure to do RIGHT, so you want to make sure you choose the best surgeon available. Thank you Dr. Schaffer for helping me feel the best I’ve ever felt in my life…You will always hold a special place in my heart.


I’m not from Texas, so when I decided to get a breast augmentation I had no clue who was a good choice. I’m so glad that I chose Dr. Schaffer!!! I am so freaking happy with my results. I got 450cc silicone, high profile implants. I went from a 34A to a 34DD!! I am ecstatic, exactly what I wanted!! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!!!!


First, let me say that I am absolutely thrilled with my experience and results with Dr. Schaffer. Although I had always been body confident, in the back of my mind, I did think I would like to have larger breasts. As I entered my mid-twenties, that feeling persisted and I decided to make a consultation with Dr. Schaffer. I didn’t really know anyone that had breast augmentation so I resorted to internet research; I came across Dr. Schaffer and looked through all of his testimonials and picture galleries. I was consistently impressed with the results of his patients and decided to make a consultation appointment. I went to the consultation, unsure of what to expect and with a list of questions. I was immediately surprised because I have never had a physician devote so much time to an appointment, as Dr. Schaffer did. Before he was done talking, nearly all of my questions had been answered thoroughly. We spent time discussing my body type and desired results; Dr. Schaffer and the wonderful ladies in the office were extremely patient, honest and helpful during this process. I booked my surgery date a few days after my consultation appointment. Before surgery, I had an appointment to discuss every detail of the pre-op process, what to expect the day of surgery and the post-op/recovery process. Everything was explained me very thoroughly and detailed notes were provided for me to reference as needed. Surgery of any kind can be very nerve-wracking and their efforts helped put me at ease. Surgery went great and I have completed my series of follow-up appointments since. I honestly looked forward to my appointments, not only to check my progress but also because I was always warmly welcomed and received great care. I have never felt like Dr. Schaffer was trying to rush through my appointment and get to the next and the ladies of the office were always very helpful any time I had questions- whether I was in the office or on the phone. I did have consultation appointments scheduled with other physicians but once I met with Dr. Schaffer- I knew I found the physician I trusted for this job and personally, it is one of the best decisions I’€™ve ever made!


Doctor Schaffer performed a tummy tuck and breast lift with augmentation on me, and I could not be happier with the results. I have six children, and despite being thin, my midsection was a disaster. It was a miraculous transformation — I never dreamed the results would be as good as they are. He and his staff were very caring, professional, and attentive throughout the whole process. I was very unsure about undergoing plastic surgery beforehand, but I’m thrilled with how it all turned out.

– S.L.

I did my homework before choosing Doctor Scheffer. His experience and prestigious medical schools made me chose him! And when i saw the before and after pictures; I knew this was the doctor! When i consulted with him i was so impressed with him! I could not believe how humble, yet perfectionist of a doctor he was! I knew right away that he actually cared about what i wanted! I am so honored and proud to have chosen Doctor Scheffer! HE DID AN AMAZING JOB! The day my bandages came off i was AMAZED of how much i LOVED my breast already! The healing process has been incredibly easy! It pays off to chose the BEST of the BEST! Everybody from family to church members have asked for his information! :) I went from a B to a D and i look and feel amazing 😉 Doctor Scheffer you are the BEST!


NO IMPLANTS! Just a Lift. My first comment to Victoria as she was taking before photos was, ” How can size A-cup boobs be so droopy?” I told Dr. Schaffer that I am perfectly fine with the size of my breasts but I want them to be perky! Not only did I get perky, they are well shaped, the areolas and nipples look great. There was absolutely no pain at all. The only slight discomfort was after the stitches were removed I did experience some itching during the healing process (to be expected.) I must say they look pretty amazing! I have to admit, I look at myself in the mirror more often than I used to. Dr. Schaffer Victoria, Denise and Debbie are such a great team, They are friendly and professional. Thank you for helping me feel good about my appearance.


I don’€™t even know where to being, Dr. Eric Schaffer and his staff are absolutely AMAZING! They really care about you and what you want. I went for a breast augmentation that I have been wanting since I was 16 (I’€™m 21 now) after a lot of research I found the Doctor I’€™ve been looking for. I went in for my consult, which went fabulous; Dr. Schaffer understood exactly what I wanted. I got super lucky and as I was checking out I found out there was an opening for surgery the next day! I GOT MY SURGERY THAT VERY NEXT DAY! I’€™m 3 weeks post-op and I couldn’€™t be happier!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE my new €œ’boobies’€. I feel so confident now and everything has been fantastic. It is exactly what I was going for and they look so natural. The healing process was a breeze. Dr. Schaffer and his staff make sure you’€™re taken care of from day one and so forth. If you need a surgeon you should choose Dr. Schaffer HE IS THE BEST! 5 STARS!


Dr. Schaffer is amazing! After several years of being self conscious about my sagging breasts, even wearing push up bras to sleep, I finally decided to schedule a consultation with Dr. Schaffer. From the moment I made the first phone call to his office I was treated with kindness and respect. Dr. Schaffer and his staff walked me through every step of the procedure and through my recovery. I could not be happier with my results! I now have a renewed confidence in my self image. I wish I had made the decision sooner. Thank you Dr. Schaffer and staff for everything!


Dr. Schaffer did an absolutely wonderful job with my breast augmentation. I was very nervous and afraid, I didnt want to look “fake”… Well he is a genius when it comes to “the natural” look! I went from a B to a D cup and they look AMAZING!!! He and the staff give you so much support before , during and after the procedure. I give you guys an A++++++ :)


Dr. S changed my life. I am one week post-op and I am already THRILLED with my results. My breasts were misshapen from my augmentation surgery by a different doctor 17 years ago. Dr. S spent many hours reconstructing my breasts and they look and feel so very natural. I could not be happier. I will be referring everyone I know to Dr. S.


First and for most I have to say that it was an honor to have Dr. Schaffer to do my Breast Augmentation w/ lift. He was so knowledgeable about what he does and it was very peaceful for me when I had my first visit with him , I live 5 hours away and he was worth every mile. Its was very important to me to find a doctor to do what he did for me. I’m 28 years old and I have three children and have been very blessed to have breastfeed the them all. That being said it had put a toll on my breast. I had no fatty tissue and my breast sagged it was uncomfortable to wear a bra. When I had the surgery I was so pleased with the results and I healed great. He is the best at what he does and I’m so overwhelmed with excitement with my new breast. The staff has been wonderful with me about making appointment due to living far away, most doctor will not go out of their way to make things work for their patients, Cant wait to wear a swimsuit.I highly recommend!!! Thank you so much


My first encounter with Dr. Schaffer was 04/22/2009 and I fell in love with him! I did not need implants because I was already a C but wanted them bigger because everything in TEXAS is BIG! I told him I did not want to look fake but proportionate and natural looking. My surgery was 05/15/2009, his bedside manner and my procedure was great. I would do it all over again. Here I am 5 years later and they still look phenomenal. I love seeing him every year for my follow up. I would recommend him for anything! He’s the Best implant doctor and if I need to get anything else done, I am coming back.


You can’t find a better doctor than Eric Schaffer. Everything was amazing, from his bedside manner to his staff. I had such a wonderful experience/great results. Highly recommended.


I am simply satisfied with my breast augmentation. It has changed my life tremendously. I now have that confidence I have been lacking my whole life. I have Dr. Schaffer and his staff to thank for that. I could not have picked a better doctor to perform my procedure and I would highy recommend him to anyone. My breast are perfect!


After losing over 100 lbs, I had been walking around with significant excess skin over the past 7 years. I had a tummy tuck performed by Dr. Schaffer, and the results are beyond what I could have imagined. All my skin is gone and I finally feel like I look normal again. My recovery process was extremely smooth, and I felt like his office did a great job of scheduling multiple follow-ups to ensure that I was doing well. His nursing and administrative staff are pleasant and extremely helpful. Thank you!!!


Dr. Schaffer is simply “The Best” in his field of expertise when it comes to cosmetic surgery. Dr. Schaffer genuinely cares about his patients and takes the time to listen to their concerns. Dr. Schaffer has extraordinaire bedside manners, he is more than anything interested in the health and well being of his patients. Making the decision to have cosmetic procedures done can be a bit overwhelming, chossing Dr. Schaffer I will tell you, you are in the best of care, and know that you will have beautiful and quality results.


I have found an artist. Dr. Schaffer has sculptured my breast to the exact form I have always dreamed of. His knowledge and expertise in his field made my first time procedure a quick recovery and a most satisfying one at that. I feel like a new woman with more confidence than I had before. I feel sexy and beautiful. I could not have asked to find a better artist than Dr. Schaffer. His staff is one of a kind and have all made my visits tranquil and informative. There are no judgments on your decisions for your desires and they all have a welcoming smile that goes a long way. They genuinely care about their patients and want us to be happy with our visit. THANK YOU!!!!!


I have had a great experience with Dr. Schaffer and his staff! I researched for years to find a physician to perform my breast augmentation. Dr. Schaffer had excellent credentials and I reviewed all of the before and after photos on his website. I liked the natural look that he achieved so I scheduled a consultation. I was a bit nervous because this was my first consultation, but after walking into the office I was immediately put at ease. His staff gave me a warm welcome and made me feel very comfortable. Dr. Schaffer was kind and genuine. We picked a size and he answered my many questions with confidence and care. Prior to my surgery, his staff prepared me for everything I would need. My surgery went great with no complications and my recovery was easy. I love my new body and I couldn’t be happier with my results!

– OF

After researching several plastic surgeons and consulting with a couple of them in person, I was no longer confident that I could find a surgeon that would perform a decent, much less, great breast augmentation surgery. Fortunately, another round of research led me to Dr. Schaffer’s website. His exceptional credentials alone were impressive, but coupled with the wonderful testimonials I read, I immediately set up my consultation. As soon as I met with Dr. Schaffer and his staff I knew I had found the right surgeon for my BA. Dr. Schaffer answered every question and concern I had with care and expertise. I immediately set up my surgery date after my initial consultation. I cannot express enough how incredibly wonderful Dr. Schaffer and his amazing staff have been from the beginning and throughout my follow-up appointments. Plus, my breast augmentation looks fantastic! I will always recommend Dr. Schaffer!

– VM

After having my daughter five years ago and being left with stretch marks on the lower part of my stomach and continuous exercise but no improvement in this area I decided that it was time to further improve my body. Immediately after my first consultation with Dr.Schaffer I scheduled a surgery date knowing that I was in the right hands. On May 24 2013 Dr.Schaffer preformed a full tummy tuck as well as breast augmentation on me and I am sooooooo happy with the results!!! I went from a 34A to a D size cup and my stomach was transformed amazingly! I would recommend Dr.Schaffer to ANYONE who is unhappy with their current body and is looking for someone who can truly help you achieve what you’re looking for. Not only is he an AMAZING doctor but his staff is always so welcoming and caring!

– MG

I found Dr. Schaffer after doing a lot of extensive searching online. I had never undergone surgery before, so I was very nervous and wanted to make sure the doctor I chose was the best of the best. After visiting several doctors in my area, I had a consultation with Dr. Schaffer and immediately knew he was the doctor for me! He was very insightful and explained all aspects of the surgery very thoroughly. I felt very comfortable discussing every detail of my breast augmentation and lift with him. He was very understanding and honest with me with every aspect of the surgery and my desired outcome, which is something I valued so highly. Additionally, he was very patient and most importantly, I did not feel rushed or as if he had somewhere he needed to be during my visits with him. (Other doctors I had previously visited were very quick and brief during my consultation which made me feel very uncomfortable.) Aside from his amazing credentials and experience, Dr. Schaffer provides amazing care and consideration to his patients! On the day of surgery I was very nervous and he made sure to discuss everything we had spoken about regarding the surgery and really put my nerves at ease. After surgery, I received calls from his staff asking how I was doing and letting me know that if I had any questions or concerns, Dr. Schaffer was always available to speak with me. With that said, I must also compliment his amazing staff. His staff is always very friendly and understanding with me. If I ever had a question, they were always very helpful and reassuring throughout the entire process. It has been almost a year since my surgery and I am so thrilled with the outcome of my procedure! I continue to recommend Dr. Schaffer to any friends and family that are considering cosmetic surgery!

– AA

Dr Schaffer is amazing!! I had breast augmentation with him and absolutely love the results! He was very informative before surgery and worked with me post op to make sure I end up with the best result possible. Dr Schaffer’s staff are all great and made me feel comfortable. At my appointments I was always brought right back and never had a very long wait. I highly recommend Dr Schaffer and his staff to anyone!

– KM

I have wanted to have this procedure done after I turned 18 due to the dramatic difference in the size of my breasts. When I was finally able to do it, I did my research and I also know a few people that are very close to me that went to Dr. Schaffer as well. After meeting him and talking to him, I knew he was the Dr. for me! Not only did he take the time to go over ever question and concern, he also saw me three times before surgery (I felt terrible, but I was so nervous about the size). Debbie, Denise, and Victoria are AMAZING and so kind!!!! They genuinely care about every person that walks in. I would highly recommend going with Dr. Schaffer! My surgery went great and my recovery did not take as long as I thought it would. I LOVE my new additions!!!!! Dr. Schaffer knows what he is doing and did exactly what I asked for PLUS more. I gave him a general idea of what size I wanted to go with and then told him to just do what he feels looks natural and fits my body while in surgery. I have gotten so many complements on how great and natural they look. If you are researching dr’s to go to, agian…I would HIGHLY recommend going with Dr. Schaffer. There are SO many dr’s out there that just do the surgery and do not take their time with you, nor do they genuinely care…Dr. Schaffer does! I talk to plenty of friends that have gone to different dr’s and they complain about how unhappy they are. I am thankful for Dr. Schaffer!!!! Thank you again! :)

– SH

After doing some research online and finding several positive reviews, my husband actually came across Dr. Schaffer. My experience with Dr. Schaffer and his staff was better than I could have ever imagined. I called to schedule a consultation to get information regarding having a breast augmentation as well as a lift and Debbie scheduled me for their first available appointment. She was so nice and patient with answering any questions I had. My first appointment went extremely well. Dr. Schaffer is very personable and took his time explaining the procedures and all that would come with it. He was extremely patient in answering questions my husband and I had. After scheduling a surgery date, I came back and Debbie went over every thing in detail regarding surgery procedures, medications, and after care. Any and all questions you can possibly think of any of them will answer. I could go on and on about how wonderful the staff is (Dr. Schaffer, Debbie, Victoria, and Denise!! :-). Often times you feel rushed or blown off by office staff members but that is never the case here. My surgery went beyond well and I couldn’t love my breasts any more than I do. All follow up appointments went well and they encourage you to call if you have any questions or concerns. I would highly recommend Dr. Schaffer to anyone looking to have any procedures done. After my last monthly follow up appointment, I was actually pretty disappointed to know that my next appointment wouldn’t be until the next year. That’s how wonderful they all are. Highly recommend!!

– Breast Augmentation Patient

I have wanted breast implants almost my entire life. Unfortunately, I kept procrastinating and putting them off– well, that turned out to be the best decision I ever made because that’s how I came across Dr. Schaffer. My breasts are fantastic! I love how they look and I am not embarrassed by them anymore. I feel so much more confident with these beauties on display. His staff is extremely helpful as well. I was in contact with Debbie for quite some time asking questions about costs and procedure– she was always so friendly. I love going into the office for check-ups and seeing everyone’s friendly faces. Getting breast implants was one of the best decisions I have ever made and I only wish I would have found Dr. Schaffer sooner.

– LN

Dr. Schaffer spent a lot of time reviewing my medical history, current health issues and immediate concerns. His credentials speak for themselves but the on-line reviews were so awesome that I knew he was the doctor for me. With my other health issues and past history, it has become clear to me that a doctor’s office staff reflects his sincerity and kindness. This means everything when you are trusting someone with your life and with results that you will be left with after surgery. I received excellent care and gorgeous results from an excellent team. Thank you; and my husband thanks you too!

– JB

I would like to say that Dr. Schaffer was very understanding of my surgery needs. He listened to my expectations. Dr. Schaffer told me what to expect and what recovery time was like. I could not be more proud of how things turned out. The surgery and the recovery time went as planned. The thing that most impressed me was the follow up calls he made after the surgery. Dr. Schaffer made me feel very comfortable from start to finish. I look and feel great. Thank you.

– PH

I am so pleased with the results of my breast augmentation from Dr. Schaffer! He took the time to explain all the options of the procedure and made me feel comfortable right away! My experience with the whole staff was pleasant from start to finish. I’m going back for some of the other services offered!

– LL

Dr. Schaffer and his staff of professionals are wonderful. From my consultation to my follow up appointments, my experience has been amazing and I couldn’t be happier with my transformation. Dr. Schaffer does a terrific job of making you feel comfortable and informed from start to finish. I will continue to entrust Dr. Schaffer and his team with all of my cosmetic needs.

– ND

Dr. Eric Schaffer performed a successful breast reduction on me in 2011. I knew at the time that I was going to have to recover from that before he could remove the saggy skin under my arm called Excision Axillary Breast. I had this done in March 2013. I am very pleased with the results and I am thrilled with the breast reduction. Dr. Schaffer and his staff assured me that both surgeries would not be painful. I had absolutely no pain. I would recommend Dr. Eric Schaffer for these procedures.

– AM

I spent many, many years considering (and fearing!) a breast reduction surgery and when I finally decided I could no longer live with the pain and disability of very large breasts, I spent several more years researching and visiting surgeons. When I met with Dr. Schaffer (the 6th doctor I had interviewed), I knew he was the right person. His credentials are impeccable and he spent more time with me than the others and instilled a sense of confidence in his skills. He didn’t dismiss my desire to be a much smaller size and listened to me intently. The staff (especially Debbie and Victoria) treated me like a person instead of a number (or a pain in the rear which I’m sure I was at times!), very patiently answering all of my questions and dealing with my sometimes irrational fears. I had some complications with my reduction but everything seems to be turning out okay (as Dr. Schaffer believed they would) and I am very happy with the results. He was great helping me deal with these issues and very closely monitored me as I healed. The best news is the pain in my upper back has diminished to the point of being non-existent and I also look fabulous! He is a gifted surgeon and true artist! Most importantly, I can go through life now without feeling the embarrassment and shame I had before. I lived way too many years suffering with this issue and Dr. Schaffer (and his staff) have changed my life immeasurably! I will always be grateful for them!

– LC

I have wanted breast implants almost my entire life. Unfortunately, I kept procrastinating and putting them off– well, that turned out to be the best decision I ever made because that’s how I came across Dr. Schaffer. My breasts are fantastic! I love how they look and I am not embarrassed by them anymore. I feel so much more confident with these beauties on display. His staff is extremely helpful as well. I was in contact with Debbie for quite some time asking questions about costs and procedure– she was always so friendly. I love going into the office for check-ups and seeing everyone’s friendly faces. Getting breast implants was one of the best decisions I have ever made and I only wish I would have found Dr. Schaffer sooner.


Dr. Schaffer,

Thank you so much for performing my surgery. After years of not being happy with my breast size, I can safely say that I feel better than ever. I am very active and I have been able to keep my body how I want it over the years, the only problem is that I did not like my breast size, that is one thing I could not change. I finally decided to do some research and have a breast augmentation. I had many friends who warned me that it was painful and I would be in a lot of pain, so I must say I was a little nervous, especially because I was going to have to be out of the gym as well. So, deciding to work through all that pain, I started looking for doctors online. I looked at lots of pictures and when I looked at Dr. Schaffer’s work, I could tell that he had the best results. I decided to make an appointment to see what we could do. My first impression was very positive because all of his staff are very nice and helpful. They made me feel comfortable right from the beginning. As they went over the formal part and told me what to expect, I patiently waited for Dr. Schaffer. As soon as he walked in I could tell I was dealing with a doctor that knew what he was doing. He took one look and gave me so very good advice. He made me feel very comfortable and I took what he had to say very seriously. So, needless to say that day I decided I wanted to have the surgery. I went back for my pre-surgery appointment and as we were going over all the surgery details, I felt sure this is what I wanted to do. When I showed up for the surgery Dr. Schaffer’s team made me feel comfortable as well. They were accomodating to my personal needs and once again came in and gave me a heads up on everything that would happen. After the surgery I was well taken care of and not in much pain. I had my surgery on a Friday so I went back to the office on Monday to have my bandages taken off. I did not experience any harsh pain over the weekend and I was very suprised due to what everyone had told me. I was happy as soon as they took off the bandages and even more happy as the days went. I had very little bruising which disappeared quick. Dr. Schaffer, unlike other doctors I have heard about, had many follow up appointments. I think this is the best because it helps with your progress instead of leaving to you to decide what is right and wrong. It has been almost four weeks since my surgery and my breasts look awesome. I am beyond pleased and I do not regret this surgery at all. Overall, Dr. Schaffer and his staff are above an A+, I recommend him to anyone who mentions having any surgery. Once again thank you so much for helping me feel better about my body!


After lots of deliberation, I finally decided that breast augmentation was something I definitely wanted to do. I looked at the websites of several other surgeons in the area before scheduling a consultation with Dr. Schaffer. Both Dr. Schaffer and his office staff were great and made me feel instantly comfortable my first time in the office, and during the consultation Dr. Schaffer was very thorough and took the time to answer all my questions. When I went in for my surgery, all of the nursing staff and the anesthesiologist whom he works with were very attentive and also made sure any questions I had were answered and made me as comfortable as possible before and after my surgery. Dr. Schaffer’s office provides very detailed instructions for pre- and post-surgery, which is very helpful. My recovery and all of my post-operative visits went very smoothly and I couldn’t be happier with my results. The first post-operative massage and exercises after having my bandages removed were a bit painful, but after performing them the first day, they were no longer painful. The day after the surgery I felt comfortable enough to return to school, and two days post-op and after having my bandages removed I was able to move pretty comfortably and put my arms all the way up without uncomfortability. After about two weeks, my incisions were completely healed and continue to fade, and they are almost unnoticable now at 8 weeks post-op. I could not be happier with my results and the way my clothes look and fit now, and I would definitely recommend Dr. Schaffer to anyone considering any cosmetic procedure.


I was overseas when I first contacted Dr. Schaffer’s office. I knew something wasn’t right with my left breast as it was going off under my arm pit (I had breast augmentation 8 years ago) having been forced to wear men’s body armor in my job I must’ve caused some issues. I received an email back from Debbie saying as soon as I got back home to set up an appointment to see Dr. Schaffer.
I came home a few months later, called, got my appointment, within 2 weeks and my surgery a couple weeks later. Dr. Schaffer is the best! He informed me I had a tear in the pocket that he did repair on the left side and that was why my first implant was moving under my armpit. I was able to go bigger in size too which made me happier. The staff is great I would recommend him for any procedure or repair of any kind. He is truly the best I love how my Breast look and feel.

– AL

After years of considering a breast augmentation, I decided to get a consultation. I went to another doctor that was recommended by someone and Dr. Schaffer who was recommended by an ob/gyn. My bad experience at the consultation with the first doctor had me feeling worried. When I showed up at Dr. Shcaffer’s office my worries were gone. Debbie and Victoria were so welcoming and made me feel, at ease. Dr. Schaffer came into the room and explained breast augmentation so thoroughly that I only had one question. He even told me about the difference between silicone and saline implants.

Dr. Schaffer was honest about which one would best fit my body type. After about two days of considering my options, I decided to get saline implants. I scheduled the surgery and before I knew it the time had come. Debbie made sure to tell me what I needed to know, during my pre-surgical appointment. Dr. Schaffer, Debbie, Victoria and the rest of the staff were so helpful when I had my follow-up visits. I am so thankful to Dr. Schaffer’s commitment to giving the best results possible. I really appreciate how they told me what I could do to get the most proportional and natural look. I have to admit that I was concerned about my breasts looking too big and not natural. I did not want my breast augmentation to be that noticeable. One of my best friends, later told me she was worried that my breasts would look high and round, as she has seen in other women. I am very pleased with how natural my breasts look and feel! I’m glad I made the decision to have the procedure and highly recommend Dr. Schaffer and his staff!


I have nothing but the finest words of praise for Dr. Eric Schaffer and his phenomenal staff!

With profound admiration, I take this opportunity to share with everyone my experience as a patient of Dr. Schaffer’s. On July 25, 2012, Dr. Schaffer performed a life changing and esteem building tummy tuck re-do that revived my confidence in ways that words cannot describe. My results have far exceeded my expectations and his meticulous planning and detailed explanation laud his talent, experience, and professionalism.

Dr. Schaffer, I am forever grateful of your commitment and enthusiasm towards my cause! To call myself your patient is an honor!
Love to all of you!


Hello Dr. Schaffer, Debbie, and Victoria!

I hope this note finds you in the midst of the most deliciously delightful moments!

I simply want to touch base (because I miss all of you awesomely wonderful people!) to tell you not to give up on me I will be returning to continue on my laundry list of pick-me-ups; I simply need to hold myself back on some things so I can save for the bigger ones!

In the meantime, I want to share this with you: I just returned from New Braunfels, where I was babysitting my nieces. Upon arriving at my brother and his family’s home, my sister-in-law Sarah (who is fetchingly beautiful AND vehemently opposed to plastic surgery) complimented me on how good I looked to her, saying that I finally was at the ‘perfect weight’ (my weight has not changed) to affect my face in such a positive way. I was blown away! Coming from Sarah, who has NEVER complimented my appearance (it is not in her nature to do so), the comment was HUGE! My next ‘project’ on my list: my neck. I will call as soon as it is doable! I promise!!!
Love to all of you!


After I was injured in Iraq I lost my confidence in my body especially. I was wounded in more ways than one. Dr. Schaffer has given me my confidence back something i lost in combat and never thought I would get back. I am truly blessed to have such a gifted plastic surgeon. Thank you so much Dr. Schaffer, Debbie and Victoria for being so good to me. I look and feel like me again.


I was referred to Dr. Schaffer by a friend who had previously had a breast augmentation done by Dr. Schaffer. I was so impressed with her results and the comments made by her that I decided to look into the procedure myself. After having a child and the changes to my body I decided to go for it. This has been one o! f the best things I have done and wish I had done it sooner. I am so happy with my results. I thought I wanted to go smaller and Dr. Schaffer recommended to me that I go bigger. I am so glad that I went with his advice and went the size that he recommended. I am so happy with my results. The office staff is wonderful as well as Dr. Schaffer himself.


I recently had botox preformed by Dr. Schaffer and I am very pleased with the results. Dr. Schaffer made me feel very comfortable and answered all my questions and concerns regarding the Botox. The staff is extremely friendly. I highly recommend Dr. Schaffer.


On June 11, 2012 I had a breast augmentation procedure with Dr. Schaffer. I had been contemplating this surgery for ten years, too scared to decide to make a commitment or not. I came across Dr. Schaffer’s website and I was so impressed I immediately called to schedule a consultation.

Every member of Dr. Schaffer’s staff are so caring, so inviting and they make a obviously intimidating situation lighthearted and actually fun. They are super efficient and their communication is like no other Dr.’s office you will ever experience. They make sure you have and understand all the information you are given before you leave.

I can not say enough positive things about Dr. Schaffer himself. He is absolutely brilliant at what he does. I am post op 10 days and I feel like a brand new person. The tiny incision under my arms are almost completely invisible. My new look is BEYOND perfect! You would be insane if you go with another surgeon. He’s just the best at what he does! His surgical rates are super fair, and for the quality of what he provided for me, I would have paid twice as much.



My husband and I researched every breast augmentation surgeon in San Antonio for six months before I made my decision, and without question, it was the wisest choice I could have made. We did not want the plastic, over-inflated look that we see in so many women, and when we saw page after page after page of Dr. Schaffer’s patients, whom we would not have known were augmented without the “before” pictures, we knew he was the surgeon for whom we were looking. I told him “I want to go as big as I can and still look natural.” The number he gave us (400 cc) was much bigger than we had been expecting, but we trusted him (and our judgment), and six months after the surgery, after everything had settled into place, my cup size is twice the size it was, and the look is incredibly natural. Four women at the gym where I work out have begged me for Dr. Schaffer’s contact information because they could not even tell I have received augmentation.


On January 23, 2012 I had a facelift. I am so impressed with the work that Dr. Eric Schaffer has done to me on my face and neck. Now when I look at myself in the mirror I like what I see. Words cannot express how grateful I am for what you have done to me Dr. Schaffer. Now I don’t have to cover my neck with my han! d when I am talking to someone in front of me. I am very happy with my results. Dr. Schaffer does professional work. My incision lines are perfectly hidden to where you can’t hardly see them. He is very professional on what he does. I highly recommend Dr. Schaffer to anyone who wants professional plastic surgery done on their face, neck, or any other part of their body, especially their face, because remember – it’s your face!!! I was also very impressed with his staff. They are very friendly and they make you feel very comfortable when you are in their office. Thank you Victoria and Debbie. Your generosity made me feel welcomed. I am also very grateful with my Primary Physician for recommending Dr. Schaffer to me. She was the one that told me that she had heard from other persons that Dr. Schaffer is very professional in his work and that he always wanted to do everything perfect. He is not only professional in his work but also a perfectionist. I have an appointment with my Primary Physician on March 12, 2012 and I can’t wait to go see her so I can give her a big hug, thank her for recommeding Dr. Schaffer and show her my new face.I just recently turned 73 years old and this is the best birthday present I gave to myself. Thank you for your excellent work Dr. Schaffer. You are the best. May God Bless You and your staff.


There are really no words to describe how absolutely amazing Dr. Schaffer and his staff are! (`but I am going to try) I had considered having a breast augmentation for many years, but was never able to make it happen. A wonderful financial gift allowed me to finally see my dreams become a! reality. I researched hundreds of websites because I wanted to narrow my search for a consultation by the before and after pictures posted by each doctor. Let me tell you, I saw a lot of MESSED UP BREASTS! After about fifteen hours of searching, I found Dr. Schaffer’s website. It was love at first sight! His fusion of art and science intrigued me and my instinct told me that he would be the doctor to perform my procedure. I initiated contact through the website and was immedietely contacted by Debbie. Let’s talk about Debbie for a minute. DEBBIE IS AN ANGEL ladies! She truly is. Her compassion and dedication to each of Dr. Schaffer’s patients is like nothing I have ever witnessed before! She took the time out of her very hectic day to answer each and every question that I had. She never got irritated when I called her almost everyday for something or another. She made me feel like I was the only person in the world each time she spoke with me. She is truly an! amazing person and Dr. Schaffer is lucky to have her!! Love you Debbie! Ok….back to the story. Debbie scheduled a consultation quickly and my husband and I traveled over an hour to get there. The office was inviting and professional. Dr. Schaffer was exactly as I had imagined him to be. Personable, pleasant, full of knowledge and passion, and he really listened to what my desires were and guided me in the right direction. We scheduled my surgery that day and before I knew it…it was here! The morning or surgery Dr. Schaffer came in and all of my nervousness was erased. He put his arm around me and told me that everything would be alright and he would take excellent care of me. He marked my chest area with a surgical pen and was extremely precise with each and every measurement. I had watched alot of you tube videos of patients being measured, but none were as tedious as Dr. Schaffer. My surgery went well and I got the results that I wanted! He made my asymetrical breasts even and gave them a fullness that makes them look so nat! ural! It has only been six days and they already are starting to feel like my breasts did before! Unbelievable! One more thing to note is that my level of comfort has been first and foremost in both Debbie’s and Dr. Schaffer’s mind. If I was having a problem…they were there for me without hesitation. I have already told everyone I know about Dr. Schaffer and will continue to do so for the rest of my life! I am already saving for a tummy tuck! I would love to share more of my story with anyone who would like to hear about it! When you choose Dr. Schaffer it will be the best decision that you ever made! Love you Dr. Schaffer, Debbie, Victoria, and everyone else!!!!!


I have nothing but good things to say about my breast reduction surgery. I was really scared and nervous to go through with the surgery but I knew I could not go on with the severe back pain. Dr. Schaffer and staff made me feel so at ease. Dr. Schaffer is so professional and I knew after the 1st visit I could trust him to do the surgery. He answer all my questions and gave me the confidence to go though the surgery. I had my surgery in December and to my surprise, I had no pain. I am thrilled with the results. I have had no back pain since the surgery. I just want to thank Dr. Schaffer and staff for making this such a great experience.


I can’t speak highly enough about Dr. Schaffer and his wonderful staff. After giving birth to my three children, my body was in definite need of help. Through diet and exercise I had gotten back into shape, but I still had numerous stretch marks,sagging skin, and a sad excuse for what used to be a belly button. My hips and thighs no longer looked athletic as there seemed to be a layer of fat that just wouldn’t budge despite my best efforts. My breasts had always been too large causing me problems, but after the children, they were left extremely droopy causing me even more back trouble than before. I was extremely nervous at my consultation with Dr. Schaffer. I had a hard time allowing even my husband to see me naked. To bare it all for a doctor was nothing short of terrifying. I got myself all worked up for nothing. Dr. Shaffer was extremely pleasant and put me at ease right from the start. I felt very comfortable and confident with him; so much so, that I scheduled my surgeries that very day. I am now four months post-op, and I couldn’t be happier. The surgeries were completely life-changing. Dr. Schaffer gave me confidence in myself that had been missing for years.”


My experience with Dr. Eric Schaffer and his staff was absolutely wonderful. Words cannot describe how grateful I am with the care I received. The staff who work for Dr. Schaffer are so friendly and helpful, and from my first consultation all the way throughout my recovery I received excellent care. Dr. Schaffer is an outstanding surgeon and has exceeded my expectations. After having children my body changed dramatically and I was left with excess skin around my stomach and saggy breast, I lost confidence with the way I looked and needed a change. I did some research and found Dr. Schaffer and so happy I did, he is an artist and has helped change the way I look forever. I have NEVER had a tummy this flat before and I look great! Im looking forward to bathing suit shopping for the first time in years. Thank you so much! Dr. Schaffer, Victoria and Debbie.


Oh my God! Dr. Schaffer is the Bomb!! I am a 60 yrs old and after having my Dr. Shaffer finished my breast reduction my breast they are Beautiful!! He also have a very nice and warm staff. They make you feel so comfortable. Goodness I have beautiful, volumptuas,perky Teenage Tits!!! lol They are such a very nice size and fitting to my body! I don’t even have to wear a bra!! Goodness I should have gone to him years ago. He has made me feel so young again. He has done such a wonderful job on my breast, I am going back to him for a tummy tuck. If anyone is thinking about any type of plastic surgery please check out Dr. Shaffer you will be very, very well please!! HE IS THE BOMB!!!!!


I have always had smaller breasts, but learned to love them, when they were in their perky prime. However, 3 children, and now in my 30′s, they turned in small sagging breasts. Very unhappy with their shape since after my birst born, I have been wanting this done for 11 years. My husband, finally caving in researched online for the perfect doctor, and was very impressed with Dr. Schaffers website, so we scheduled a consult. Arriving at the office, the first thing you are greeeted with is the wonderful staff of ladies, that treat you like an old friend, and make you feel right at home. We were immediately impressed with Dr. Schaffer’s thoroughness. He strives for perfection, and offers the best recommendations based on what the client is looking for. I am only 3 weeks post op, and am in love with my new breasts. My recovery was much faster than expected, after just 5 days I was only taking extra strenght tylenol, and back to taking care of all 3 kids while the hubby was at work, with no problems. It is also comforting to know that I will be a patient of Dr. Schaffer for the life of my implants, as he will continue to see me to ensure my breasts remain at their best.


I interviewed several doctors for years and after interviewing Dr. Schaffer I was instatntly pleased and very comfortable going forward with my tummy tuck. The staff was very helpful and informative of the cost of the procedure. Preoperative and postoperative instructions were very informative and I new exactly what to expect. I was very comfortable prior to the procedure and after the procedure.


I was recommended to Dr. Schaffer by a friend who had her breast augmentation done by him. Her results were amazing so I chose to go to him for my breast augmentation as well. At my first appointment I had no idea what size I wanted even though I had done some research. When Dr. Schaffer came in he was very friendly and professional. He started by explaining in detail what type of implants are available, what type he recommends and why, the placement of the implants and answered any questions I had. He then let me try on different sizes of implants so I could see how they will look on me. He was very patient with me as I was a little indecisive as to what size I liked best and had to try on the same ones a few different times. The staff was extremely friendly and made my visits as pleasant as possible. I had my pre-operation appointment with Debbie and she eased a lot of my concerns and made sure I had all the information I needed to be as prepared as possible for my surgery. The day of surgery went as planned and I was checked in by 6 a.m. and checked out by noon. All of my follow up visits with the staff and Dr. Schaffer have been like visiting with friends and they all seem as excited as I am to be there. My results were better than I imagined and I highly recommend Dr. Schaffer for any cosmetic surgery. I am also having laser hair removal done by Victoria which I receive at a discounted rate due to having my breast augmentation done there. Procedure Performed: Breast Augmentation (Saline Implants)


I had searched all over Tx, and Oklahoma looking for a Dr. I know a lot of girls who have been to different doctors. But the one who stood out the most was Dr. Schaffer. I wanted to go under my arm and not my boob. I didn’t want a big scar under my boob. I went for a consultation and was very impressed with him and his staff. I am 5’8 and 150lbs with wide shoulders so I wanted to go big. We talked about doing 700-750cc. I asked him before surgery to use his expert opinion while I was on the table to add as much cc as he thought I needed for the look I wanted. Very happy with his opinion he went for 775cc. I’m not a petite woman so they look very nice on my body type. He was very professional as well as his staff. It’s been 13 days since my surgery and I’m doing well and very happy. A little tender under the arm but its to be expected with the amount off cc’s we used. Surgery went well. I would recommend him to anyone, and if I wanted any other plastic surgery he will be my first call. Thank you so much Dr. Schaffer and your staff for everything. Procedure Performed: Breast Augmentation (Saline Implants)


During my initial consultation with Dr. Schaffer he immediately made me feel comfortable enough to ask him all the questions that I desired. He went into deep detail about the procedure and made sure to cover all the basics. This made me feel confident in his ability to give me the desired look I was aiming for. I could not be happier with the results and couldnt thank Dr. Schaffer and his staff enough.

Procedure Performed: Breast Augmentation (Saline Implants)


Dr. Schaffer did my breast reduction surgery last July. I am so pleased with the results.
Procedure Performed: Breast Reduction Surgery


After doing extensive research meeting with 3 other surgeons I decided to go with Dr. Schaffer! What an amazing Dr. and Staff. They were welcoming from the moment I came into the office. I never felt rushed. He answered all my questions and even though I knew about my procedure he explained how he would do everything. After surgery I looked amazing.Still do! My incision is very low and is covered my bikini. He does the BEST belly buttons. It’s cute, the right size for my body and where it suppose to be! SO CUTE! Many people can’t even tell I had a tummy tuck and that’s the point. If I would consider any other surgery in the future I would go to Dr. Schaffer without thinking twice. His office manager was helpful and super sweet! You don’t feel like just another patient with them! They remember your name and it’s amazing! Thank your Dr. Schaffer and Staff for the amazing work you did. You brought me back to life! Procedure Performed: Tummy Tuck (Abdominoplasty)


I’m a breast cancer survivor and this was my second trip to surgery with Dr. Schaffer. My tummy tuck was the best thing I ever did for myself. Gave me a whole new outlook on life and Dr. Schaffer did a wonderful job. After care was great too.. I love their staff. Procedure Performed: Tummy Tuck (Abdominoplasty)


Dr. Schaffer is the best. He took his time with me, answered all my questions, and treated me with respect. My results are beautiful and natural looking. My only regret is that I waited so long to do this!! Procedure Performed: Breast Augmentation (Saline Implants)

– DL

Hi Dr. Schaffer!

I just want to tell you I get compliments ALL of the time on your work. I give out your number about twice a month and my surgery was in 2004 I believe lol! Thank you;-) The best surgeon ever.


Hello Dr. Schaffer,

It’s been a little over 7 months since my procedure and I am overjoyed! Once again, I extend my sincerest gratitude to you and your phenomenal staff. May God bless you every single minute of the day!


I’m only in the healing process, and I can honestly say you ve done a better job than I could have ever hoped or expected. My breast augmentation was 2 weeks ago, (on your birthday.:) ) and they’re already perfect. Im sending so much work your way, I hope you’re prepared for it!


Thank you Dr Schaffer, Victoria and Debbie! Ya’ll are awesome! It’s been 3 days since my surgery and I love what I see. Keep doing what you do best. Blessings…


Dr. Schaffer, you are the best. I’m so happy and excited with my new body! I’m so pleased with my results. Thank you so much to you and your terrific staff. Everyone has been so great! 


Dr. Schaffer & his staff are courteous, professional and genuinely care about the people that come in to their office. I highly recommend Dr. Schaffer to anyone & everyone that needs or wants cosmetic surgery.


I have done much research in finding the right surgeon for my tummy tuck and breast augmentation. I feel that there needed to be the right balance of respect, professionalism, knowledge, skill and personal connection between myself, the doctor and his staff. Dr. Schaffer s staff is the hub of his office. They made me feel comfortable and welcome. They are also extremely knowledgeable in the office operations and hospital policies as well as pre and post op information. Dr. Schaffer s documented accolades that hang in his office are certainly impressive, but do not do him justice when you meet with him in person. He is extremely professional. He listens carefully to what you d like to achieve and based on his complete assessment of your body and your goals, will give you his best recommendation. Dr. Schaffer is a perfectionist. He is meticulous in his work and will not rush your procedure because his scheduled time in the operating room will end soon. This was one of the most important things that I was looking for in a doctor. I felt that because I was investing a lot of money and time, the procedures needed to be done right. Needless to say, I am very happy with the end results. I truly feel that I made the right choice with Dr. Schaffer and his staff. If you are seeking a doctor with a staff who is professional, respectful, knowledgeable and highly skilled, I would highly recommend that you make an appointment to see Dr. Schaffer. I promise you, you will not regret it.


After 3 consultations with plastic surgeons in San Antonio I ran into a friend that had gone to Dr Schaffer for a tummy tuck. She gave me nothing but awesome things to say about him so I made an appointmet for a consultation. After going to 3 previous consultations with doctors who spent maybe 15 min. with me before ushering me out to see the next patient I was stunned that Dr Schaffer spent over an hour with my husband and I going over what to expect and giving me details that the other doctors did not. When we left we were not pressured into scheduling surgery, something that was done elsewhere. The office staff was so polite and nice I left with a great feeling. I am currently 1 month and 1 week post op from my tummy tuck and I couldnt be happier with my result! The great thing is that its only going to get better with time. I have 2 children and had quite a bit of skin and fat that nothing was going to get rid of. Even at my first post op appointment to have my dressings removed I thought “is this me?!” I am so pleased and happy I just cant say enough about Dr Schaffer and his staff. After going back and forth for years I finally did it. Every day I look better and better. I am so happy that I no longer have to agonize over clothes that will cover my loose stomache and wearing 2 (yes 2)panty girdles all the time!


I wanted and needed to have my old (1983) breast implants removed an replaced. They had become so hard and mis-shapen that I was embarrassed to be seen, even by my husband, unless fully covered. Because of the protusions and bumps, all of my clothes, including my swimsuits, had high necklines. I began researching plastic surgeons. I found a few that looked promising but after interviewing the surgeons office managers, I didn t feel fully confident in the surgeons. I continued researching and found that Texas Monthly Magazine had honored Dr. Schaffer as a Texas Super Doctor . As I read about Dr. Schaffer I felt like he was the one . I then did a bit more research and found only favorable reports. I spoke with Debbie, Dr. Schaffer s office manager, a few days later. She was incredibly warm, caring, and professional; I felt completely comfortable and confident with her. I scheduled an appointment for a consult and to interview Dr. Schaffer. At my appointment, Dr. Schaffer was very sincere and addresed my surgery needs. He took the time to explain the procedures in detail. Dr. Schaffer wanted to hear all of my questions and concerns, so that he could speak to each and every one. The entire staff made sure I was comfortable throughout my procedure and my healing. If I had any questions, there was always someone available to answer them. Never once did I feel like I was simply just another patient. The entire staff is very professional and caring and I could not have asked for anything more. I am extremely pleased with the results from my surgery. I am no longer embarrassed; I can wear whatever I want and know I look great! On a side note, I drive a total of 5 to 6 hours (depending upon traffic) for my appointments with Dr. Schaffer. He is worth every moment on the road! Thank you Dr. Schaffer!


I came to Dr. Schaffer for replacement of my ruptured silicone implants that were over 20 years old. I was recommended to Dr. Schaffer by a well respected family physician in San Antonio. I did my research on Dr. Schaffer to make sure he was board certified and that he was experienced. After a thorough consultation, I decided to switch to saline implants since they were very soft and natural looking. Although the surgery took longer than anticipated it was because Dr. Schaffer is so particular and meticulous in his work. He strives for perfection and I appreciate how hard he worked on me to give me the best result possible, beautiful, natural breasts. I would like to mention how gentle, and kind his nurse Nancy is and how comfortable she made me feel. I would highly recommend Dr. Schaffer to anyone who asks. He is the best!!!


Dr. Schaffer was wonderful. He replaced a ruptured implant and corrected the placement that the previous doctor had done wrong to begin with. I wish that I had seen Dr. Schaffer to begin with. He was very caring and did a wonderful job in matching my other breast.


I received a breast augmentation from Dr. Schaffer and I am very pleased with the results. They look very natural and I didn’t have to wear a special bra or drainage tubes. These are hallmarks of a properly done augmentation and I wouldn’t hesitate to have another procedure performed by Dr. Schaffer.


I love Dr. Schaffer’s new Laser hair removal machine! It is painless and fast, I was able to get my bikini, legs, arms and back done in an hour. I am also very impressed with the the amazing staff! They are so warm and friendly, they did a great job at making me feel comfortable. I recommend this procedure to all my friends. I never have to worry about shaving anymore and all my embarrassing hair is gone! Thank you Dr. Schaffer and staff!!


Dear Dr. Schaffer,
I just wanted to write you and thank you for alleviating my pain with the breast reduction surgery. I would say, I have been enduring this pain for over 20 years, and I can honestly say that I felt immediate relief from pain, as soon as I awoke in the recovery room. My neck pain…gone. My shoulder pain…gone; as well as my back pain. It was such a glorious feeling. I tried several things before agreeing to try this. I had neck surgery and shoulder surgery and even physical therapy without any relief. I am now sleeping better, walking straighter, and most importantly, pain free because of your procedure. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.


WOW!! He is awesome. You know what they say the good ones don’t advertise. This is so true. I love what Dr. Schaffer has done for me. He can do the same for you. May God always bless you!


First of all, I have been sensitive about my body and wanted the normal body that others had. However, I stored weight on my belly no matter how long I spent in the gym.I was recommended by a family member to Dr. Schaffer as being one of the best Plastic Surgeons in Texas. Well I can assure you that I am beyond happy with my results, Ive gotten self confidence back and feel great! I am convinced this is a must do procedure if you qualify for it. Dr Schaffer cares about his patients and is a hands on Doctor. Through his myriad procedures he is a skilled surgeon with phenomenal skills. Thank you Dr Schaffer for making this Soldier look good and feel good.


I have done much research in finding the right surgeon for my tummy tuck and breast augmentation. I feel that there needed to be the right balance of respect, professionalism, knowledge, skill and personal connection between myself, the doctor and his staff.

Dr. Schaffer’s staff is the hub of his office. They made me feel comfortable and welcome. They are also extremely knowledgeable in the office operations and hospital policies as well as pre and post op information. Dr. Schaffer’s documented accolades that hang in his office are certainly impressive, but do not do him justice when you meet with him in person. He is extremely professional. He listens carefully to what you’d like to achieve and based on his complete assessment of your body and your goals, will give you his best recommendation. Dr. Schaffer is a perfectionist. He is meticulous in his work and will not rush your procedure because his scheduled time in the operating room will end soon. This was one of the most important things that I was looking for in a doctor. I felt that because I was investing a lot of money and time, the procedures needed to be done right.

Needless to say, I am very happy with the end results. I truly feel that I made the right choice with Dr. Schaffer and his staff. If you are seeking a doctor with a staff who is professional, respectful, knowledgeable and highly skilled, I would highly recommend that you make an appointment to see Dr. Schaffer. I promise you, you will not regret it.


If you need to have your silicone breasts removed and get some beautiful saline ones, see my doctor, Dr. Schaffer! My experience was wonderful. I was kept very comfortable during and after surgery. Great staff, they are very caring and kind. I still can’t believe the very mishappen and hard, painful silicone “things” are gone and now I have saline filled breasts. They feel exactly like real breasts; I couldn’t believe it! I am so happy and very grateful for the brand new me! You are truely one in a million Dr. Schaffer-an artist. Thank you so much.


Let me start by saying that just two weeks before my scheduled procedure I had met a woman who had undergone the same procedure by another doctor. By the end of my conversation with her I was questioning my decision and scared beyond belief. Dr. Schaffer and his staff quickly restored my peace of mind and confidence in the team. By the day of my surgery there was not one doubt in my mind that I had chosen the right doctor for the job. All of my questions were answered and in laymen terms, even questions I had not thought to ask. The medical facility that Dr. Schaffer used also proved to be both professional and courteous. At no point did I feel abandoned or uncared for. Everyone from the check-in nurse and Anesthesiologist to the night nurse made sure I was comfortable and that I was worry free. I knew was in good hands. No worry has been treated as a minor one. Dr. Schaffer and/or his staff have been available to answer every question and put to rest any concern before, during and after my surgery and this courtesy has continued throughout my recovery. I have and will continue to recommend Dr. Schaffer to everyone I know and their friends.


I am extrememly pleased with my results and love my new set of twins.


I have only the finest word of praise for Dr. Schaffer. His professional manner was shining throughout my entire experience. From the initial meeting where he took the time to listen to my concerns and truly made me feel understood. Having two 9 pound babies and currently loosing 30 pounds had left my abdomen with excess skin and I wanted to improve it. After surgery, the follow up appointment revealed results that were nothing short of amazing!!!! Dr. Schaffer is a true artist who has made a positive change in my life and I will always be grateful for him and his awesome staff!!


I have had several breast implant issues over the past 14 years..I am only 38, so that is ALOT to deal with, consisting of 4 saline implant ruptures.. After this 4th time, my friend recommeded Dr Schaffer and after having 6 consultants with other doctors in San Antonio, I decided to go with Dr Schaffer.. He was the only doctor who tried to discover why all these problems were happening to me and he gave me his HONEST opinion on what size and implant to finally decide on.. I have been totally happy and he has always made time for me, even on his day off, because I have such a hectic schedule.. Not to mention his staff, Debbie, has been awesome and totally caring and treats me like a person/friend- not just a procedure. I will always recommend Dr Schaffer and I have never felt so comfortable in my skin as I do now.. I have a natural look and no longer have to deal with hard-sore implants that look totally fake.. Thank you Dr Schaffer and your wonderful Staff!


Words alone are insufficient in describing how grateful and honored I am to have been under the care of someone as professional and passionate about his vocation as Dr. Schaffer. As a patient who just underwent a breast reduction, I can attest that he is one of a kind. Dr. Schaffer is a physician with extraordinary talent and at the same time shows great concern for the well being his patients.

I never imagined that I could ever look so good and feel so jubilant! I thank you Dr. Schaffer from the bottom of my heart for reviving my confidence once lost!


Dr. Eric Schaffer is an extraordinary surgeon. I decided to have a tummy tuck after naturally losing 167 pounds and maintaining my weight loss nearly four years. While my weight loss was a success the excess skin was extremely unattractive. After consulting with four doctors, I knew Dr. Schaffer was the surgeon for me. During my consultation he patiently allowed me the opportunity to ask questions, his responses were thorough and honest. Dr. Schaffer is truly a gifted doctor and I would not hestitate to recommend him to anyone interested in a tummy tuck. My results exceeded my expectation and I feel and look amazing!


I was really nervous, scared, yet super excited about getting my implants. I didnt know if I would have lob sided boobs or perfect perky boobs, but luckily, I ended up with THE MOST PERFECT Boobies. I love them. They go perfect with my body. The surgery went great & Debbie was right, the recovery is nothing like what you see on tv. Yes, you are in pain, but Dr. Schaffers Assistants are always there when you need them, to answer all questions or concerns you have. And if you follow Dr.s orders, its a lot less pain. Not to mention, Dr. Schaffer is very nice & understanding. All I know, is that I made the perfect choice in choosing Dr. Schaffer & he, as well as my $ made my biggest dream COME TRUE.


Over two years ago I started receiving Botox injections in my forehead, and eye area. The lines in my forehead and around my eyes “crow’s feet” appeared to be getting deeper. Also, the frown lines between my eyes made me look angry. So, I decided to be proactive and fight the aging process! The injections in my forehead and around my eyes have helped prevent the wrinkles from forming by relaxing the muscles in those areas. Most importantly, however, is the fact that the Botox injections have helped me look more pleasant rather than angry! Furthermore, I believe that Dr. Schaffer’s technique helps my face look natural and not stiff. Also his use of the smallest needle helps the procedure be painless. Hopefully, by keeping a regular injection regimen, I can avoid surgery by staying ahead of the wrinkles!


After much deliberation at age 34 I finally decided to undergo breast augmentation to enhance my petite frame (34 A). I had always felt out of proportion but was very nervous about having any type of elective surgery but my experience at Dr. Shaffer’s office was pleasant and informative. Dr Schaffer answered all of my questions which helped me to make an informed decision on the size and shape that would best suit me as I did not want to look Too Big just in proportion to my height and body type. The office staff are also very sweet and professional and my appointments were always quick & convenient to my schedule. Overall my experience has been terrific and I am very happy with the results! My only regret is that I didn’t do this years ago!

Thank you again Dr Schaffer!


My experience with Dr. Schaffer from start to finish was very nice. Upon initial contact with his office, I found the ladies working there to be very professional and friendly. They all made me feel very comfortable when discussing details about such a private decision. Many, many, years ago I had above the muscle, silicone implants enhancement but only after one year I had them removed. This procedure involved a fairly large incision at the base of my breast. My decision to remove them was because of the early 90′s media health scare at the time. Unfortunately, when they removed them they had to also take out some of my natural breast tissue so my already small breasts were now even smaller. I barely filled a A cup and I eventually got fed up with not being able to fill a bra and/or complement an outfit. So, I started to think about getting this done and began my research. I was encouraged when looking into it from the start because I knew Saline was considered a lot safer than the Silicone and that there were newer, less invasive procedures available today. After at least a month’s worth of researching best BI surgeons in the area, over and over again, the Board Certfiied Dr. Schaffer kept coming up as the most credentialed and experienced. Article after article, he was recommended highly. In the end, I chose Dr. Schaffer confidently. I was very comfortable talking to Dr. Schaffer about my experience. He was always really nice and seemed to genuinely appreciate the result I was hoping to find with the more modern,Saline, through the armpit/under muscle procedure. When researching, I noticed the big debate between Silicone vs Saline. Primarily, the debate about which one “feels and looks” more natural. I’d like to point out that I am very happy with my choice to get Saline Implants (through the armpit under the muscle). I love my result. They are very comfortable and natural feeling. They felt that way pretty much from the first couple of weeks, but especially by post 2 months. I think they are a lot more natural feeling and looking then my Silicone result was. I have little barely noticeable scars under my armpits, that fade more and more everyday. They feel very soft and because they are placed under the muscle they don’t feel heavy like my Silicone implants did. My husband agrees with how natural they look and feel. In fact, he believes if we had met after this procedure he wouldn’t have thought they were implants. Well, I give Dr. Schaffer and his staff a A+ and a BIG THANK YOU. I would highly recommend Dr. Schaffer to anyone .


It has been a couple years since my procedure, I’m still head over hills happy with the result. Dr Schaffer is an amazing surgeon. You will learn at your initial consultation he is incredibly passionate about what he does…he truly loves his profession it not only shows with the care & empathy he has for his patients but by his keen sense to determine the best treatment plan for his patient… Love the staff too!

I plan on having another procedure done in 2011 & Dr Schaffer is the Dr I will be calling!

Thank you Dr Schaffer you have changed my life, I feel so much more comfortable in my own skin!!


After two unsuccessful breast implant revisions, I never thought that I would be able to have soft, symmetrical and natural looking breasts again. A friend referred me to Dr. Schaffer, who performed surgery on me, and he exceeded my expectations. He is truly an artist, as well as a great plastic surgeon, who takes pride in his work.
From the very first visit, I knew that I had found a plastic surgeon who could help me achieve the results that I wanted. He is extremely confident and caring, and he spent a great deal of time with me reviewing my family history, my medical history, and my likes and dislikes about the implants that I had.

I would highly recommend Dr. Schaffer to anyone. He also has a friendly, caring and professional office staff which also means a lot to me!!

Thank you so much Dr. Schaffer & staff!!


After 10 years of thinking about and wanting my breasts enlarged I found Dr Schaffer. I had been wanting to have the procedure done for myself and no one else. I didn’t want to go huge, just proportionate. I am approx 5’5″ and 128 lbs and depending on who measured me , a 32 AA-32A. With the help of Dr Schaffer, I am 4 months out and a nice 32-34 C. It was and is still the best thing I could have ever done for myself and Dr Schaffer is definately my “Knife in Shining Armor”. Now when my husband tells me, “I think this shirt, dress..whatever, would look good on you”, I don’t say, No it wont, because the top won’t fit me right”. I now say, ” Your right it would”. And they do! Not once did Dr Schaffer try to persuade me to get a particular size or style. It was my choice and he took the time to let me choose. Never did I feel I was being rushed in or out of either the procedure or my follow ups. Office staff was wonderful as well. THANK YOU DR SCHAFFER and Staff !!!


I love the work I’ve had done with Dr. Schaffer. My results have been great. His office staff is great and aftercare has been good as well.


After 20 years, I finally got the courage to do a breast augmentation. I went to 3 different doctors. The first one was awful. I’ll call him Mr. Drive Thru. He was so quick to put sizers on me and kept telling me I needed to go bigger. I didn’t have time to take it all in and he made me feel ridiculous for thinking this was a big deal. He treated me like I was a number. My second appointment was with Dr. Schaffer. What a difference! He listened to me, ask me what I was trying to achieve, and gave me suggestions. He didn’t bother with the sizers. He said it would come later and he would recommend a size that would fit my proportions. My third appointment was awful again. I’ll call him Dr. 90210. Everyone in his office looked like Barbies and I felt so insecure. He literally spent about 7 minutes with me. He acted as if he could not be bothered. It was a horrible experience. Needless to say, Dr. Schaffer was my choice.

After another year of putting it off, I finally moved forward. Dr. Schaffer said I was a lift candidate, but I was borderline. I personally thought I needed one and paid for both the breast aug and lift. The morning of the operation, Dr. Schaffer told me that he could not guarantee me the lift. It would depend on how things looked after the implants. This really made me feel good. Any other Doctor might have taken advantage, especially since I had already paid. It was great to get beautiful results along with a big refund.
I cannot say enough good things about Dr. Schaffer and his staff. Debbie keeps the front office running smoothly and they make quite a team. I absolutely love my results and I’m having a blast trying on bras and shirts. I always thought this would be something I only dreamed about.

Thank you, Dr. Schaffer, for making my dream a reality. If I had only visited the other 2, I can tell you I wouldn’t have had it done.


Dr. Schaffer performed breast augmentation almost a year ago and couldn’t be happier! I decided to have breast augmentation because i had always been self-conscious about the way I looked in shirts, swimsuits, and without clothes. All in all I personally wasn’t comfortable in my own skin. I tried masking the problem by using padded bras, but those were uncomfortable and I was still self conscious when I took them off. After being unhappy for years, I decided that I was going to do something for myself. When I decided to have the procedure, I spent months interviewing plastic surgeons. After each visit, I would come home and my husband would say “how did it go.” I would tell him… “Eh, it was okay.” I actually started to get a little concerned that I wasn’t making the right decision. None of the doctors took the time to sit down and talk with me. When I met with Dr. Schaffer he put me at ease, explained everything, went over my medical history to be sure I was a good candidate, and provided a good amount of information to help me make the right decision. I only wish I had come to see him first!

Before and after the procedure, Dr. Schaffer and his staff were friendly, very accommodating to my busy schedule, and completely put me at ease. Yes, I was nervous to be going into surgery but I knew that I was in the best of hands!! I knew I had made a good decision. Now, almost a year later… My breasts are beautiful, clothes fit the way they should, and the most important thing… I am confident and comfortable in my own skin. Only wish I had done this years ago! Thank you so much Dr. Schaffer and your staff. You are wonderful!


I have always been a little uncomfortable with the size and shape of my earlobes so after much consideration, I decided I would fix them. After doing my research I found that Dr. Schaffer was the plastic surgeon for me. I contacted Dr. Schaffer’s office to set up a consultation and was very pleased by the helpful response of Dr. Schaffer’s receptionist. They were a really nice bunch. Overall it was a great experience. I couldn’t be happier with my ears and I feel comfortable with myself now. Thank you Dr. Schaffer.


After extensive research and several breast augmentation consultations, I felt that Dr. Schaffer was the only Dr I trusted to perform my surgery. I chose Dr. Schaffer because aside from his amazing credentials he takes great pride in ALL of his work. What sets him apart from other doctors is the fact that he is extremely personable, approchable and genuine!   He truly cares about the satisfaction and safety of his patients. Dr. Schaffer, you are amazing!! I am very happy with my new girls, All of my friends love my new look and when my husband returns from deplyment I’m sure he will too. Thank you so much!!


After a long time of waiting my husband and I finally decided that it was a good time for me to have a breast augmentation, something that I had been wanting for many years. I looked into three different doctors and my husband and I both agreed on Dr. Schaffer. Due to a crazy work schedule I needed to have my operation quick. I spoke with the staff at the office and they did everything in their power to see me as quickly as possible. My surgery and recovery were almost pain free. I couldn’t have asked for a better experience and results. I will refer anyone looking for any procedures to Dr. Schaffer. He and his office are very friendly and professional!


The dramatic breast reduction I underwent a mere 8months ago has changed my life. Not only am I pain free for the first time in many, many years but I am now confident in my appearance and capable of more physical acitivity. My self-esteem has risen and I no longer hide behind baggy clothes. Dr. Schaffer was kind, patient and professional throughout. His attention to detail and follow-through put me at ease. I never took a single pain pill and my reduction took me from an “I” bra size to a “D”. He knew exactly how much to remove to give me a balanced attractive appearance. If you are even thinking about a reduction-don’t put it off- I wish I had not waited so long. And you will not find a better doctor than Schaffer!


All I need to say is Thank you Thank you Thank you for what Dr Scahffer did for me. he made my self esteem come back and I love my tummy now! Thank you to his wonderful staff for being so helpful and fantastic. This is a doctor that knows what he is doing. 

Thank you Dr Schaffer and Staff for being so wonderful. After having 2 CSections my tummy was never the same again, and that just made my self esteem very low. I thought about it for years but finally with the help of Dr Schaffer and his wonderful staff I decided to have this procedure done and it was a great decision. 3 months Post Op and I am feeling 100% better about myself. I am so happy that I decided on Dr Schaffer. I have seen friends with tummy tucks from OTHERdoctors and nothing compared to what Dr Schaffers work is. They all are amazed how wonderful I look and how beatiful the work is that they too want to see about having their mistakes from their doctors corrected by Dr Schaffer. I am so grateful to Dr Schaffer and his fantastic staff for being there for me and my family. I encourage anyone who is wanting to have this or any surgery to choose Dr Schaffer, you will never regret it. I know I never will!!!


Upon meeting Dr. Schaffer I was very impressed with the time he took during my initial consultation. Everything was explained thoroughly. Exactly what he said is what he did. His office staff were very professional and also answer any lingering questions I had. As I am from out of the area they were very accommodati! ng in working with my schedule. I am very pleased with the results of my surgery and have recommended many of my friends to him.

Thanks Dr. Schaffer for giving me my body back!


Dr. Schaffer has all the qualities one would want when seeking a plastic surgeon. He intently listened to my desires and ooncerns, he analyzed the issues presented from both a doctor’s perspective and an artist’s perspective, he told me the truth and he informed me on what to expect, he was compasstionate and his results are simply AMAZING. His staff was always there to answer my questions and provide guidance. We are blessed to have such a talented plastic surgeon and his wonderful staff in our San Antonio community.


During my initial consultation with Dr. Schaffer he immediately made me feel comfortable enough to ask him all the questions that I desired. He went into deep detail about the procedure and made sure to cover all the basics. This made me feel confident in his ability to give me the desired look I was aiming for. I could not be happier with the results and couldn’??t thank Dr. Schaffer and his staff enough.


I underwent a breast augmentation with Dr. Schaffer and was extremely pleased with both the results and the time and attention given to me by Dr. Schaffer and his staff. He took the time to explain the options, the procedure and the expectations of my procedure. The results were very natural looking and I am extremely happy.


Dr. Schaffer is not only an expert physician, he is also an expert physical artist. I met Dr. Schaffer after having a bilateral mastectomy. He had to work from scratch. He literally had a chest that was flat with two zipper like scars. He expertly had me go through several procedures to inflate the breast, and, eventually, have implants put in. He then used some of my skin in order to construct nipples that no longer existed. His work is beyond compare. My breasts are not only symmetrical


Please tell Dr. Schaffer he did a wonderful job on my child!!! I appreciate him so much and my child loves him dearly. She is the most happiest person I have seen in along time. Praise God for him and you all!! You all are the best people! Now I certainly want mine done! I can’t wait to get home!! I should be getting home around the 10 Dec 2012 and I take it that the doctor probably will be out for the XMAS season. So please set me up for an appointment in January at the earliest convenience. Thanks you all so much for taking all of that excess weight off my child. I will certainly stay on her about eating right and I think she even wants to do right now since she has another chance. lol


Dr. Schaffer did a GREAT job on my breast augmentation. I am very pleased with the results. Shopping for tops is much more fun than it used to be. I went from a 34A to a 34D and it has made a huge difference in my appearance. I love my new look!

Dr. Schaffer also did my lip enhancement using Juvederm. I love my lips now. What a difference that made! Thank you Dr. Schaffer and a wonderful staff for making my experiences great ones.


I recently got really involved in the fitness world and absolutely fell in love with it. The only problem was–my breasts were the first fat to vanish! I became depressed and really unhappy with them. I could perfect so much of my body but there was nothing I could do about it! I knew right when I met Dr. Schaffer that he was the surgeon for me. The staff was nice and friendly and I got to speak with him right away at a consultation. He gave me all the information I needed and I scheduled a procedure right away! The whole process went so smoothly, I can’t even believe it. I got the perfect, ideal results with my procedure, looking for a natural, full look, so I could keep my womanly curves with a more fit body. Dr. Schaffer gave me exactly that! I could not imagine a more perfect set of breasts, if I do say so myself. They are proportional and perky and PERFECT! Thank you Dr. Schaffer for your expertise and attitude! I had so much fun and will be showing these babies off as much as possible.   Much love to the whole Schaffer team.


I couldn’t be happier with my tummy tuck results, Dr Schaffer was definitely the best choice for me! I researched the procedure for over a year and was prepared for the scar, but after just 3 weeks my scar looked better than pictures most women posted on the internet 3 months out. I am now 2 months post op and can’t wait to wear a bathing suit confidently this summer. Thank you Dr Schaffer and his wonderful staff!!!


I have had three 9 lb children over a 6 year timespan so my abdominal muscles were completely destroyed. I had very low self-esteem and back problems that really hindered my life. So, after I had my last child I lost about 60 lbs and was ready for a much needed tummy tuck. I started researching plastic surgeons in the San Antonio area and began getting consultations for a tummy tuck. I had seen two previous surgeons that I was not impressed with and then I found Dr. Schaffer. I was very interested in having a consult with him after reviewing his website and finding out that he offers a military discount and free consultation. During our visit he explained everything and allowed me to ask any questions that I had. He was very pleasant and knowledgable. I felt very comfortable with selecting him as my surgeon. I booked my surgery that day. I was very impressed with him. His staff is also very nice and completely organized. They made sure that I knew everything before my surgery date including before and after care instructions. His staff also promptly answered my emails and phone calls even on the weekend after my surgery. They are awesome! I recommend Dr. Schaffer to all my friends and family. I am now 4 months post-op and I am so pleased with his work. If you are thinking about getting this procedure you should definitely select Dr. Schaffer you will not be disappointed!


I was very hesitant to undergo plastic surgery. I researched many doctors online, talked to friends and my sisters, and chose Dr. Schaffer. To say that I am very pleased with the results is an understatement. Dr. Schaffer took to time to answer all my questions prior to the surgery. He explained what to expect every step of the way. I wanted a slightly higher cut for my tummy tuck. He spent the time to explain to me why that would not be a good choice, although I was pretty adamant that is what I wanted, because I intend to wear high cut one piece swim suits. I am very glad I deferred to his judgment and went with the lower cut. His staff is extremely helpful, professional, and caring. I highly recommend Dr. Schaffer for his unsurpassed skill and his exemplary bed side manner. And the results, what can I say? I look at myself in the mirror every day and marvel at what I see. Thank you Dr. Schaffer for giving me results beyond my wildest dreams.


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