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Tummy Tuck Patient 40

January 25, 2019

Description:  Patient had a tummy tuck several years ago with another plastic surgeon and was unhappy with the “dog ears”, the high incision and how her stomach is not flat.  Dr. Schaffer performed a full tummy tuck lowering her incision, tightened the muscles in her abdomen giving her a very smooth tight stomach, and  re-contoured her hips… Read More »

Tummy Tuck Patient 39

September 27, 2018

Description:  Patient is 32 years old,  5’0″ and 135 pounds.  Tummy tuck procedure performed with an umbilical hernia repair at the same time.

Tummy Tuck Patient 38

Description:  Patient is 49 years old, 5’6″ and 153 pounds and with diet and exercise lost over 100 pounds.  Patient consulted with Dr. Eric Schaffer to have a tummy tuck to remove the excessive skin and tighten the abdominal muscles.

Tummy Tuck Patient 37

September 25, 2018

Description:  Patient is 5’4″, 210 pounds and a college student and suffers from depression due to her physical appearance.  Dr. Eric Schaffer performed a Tummy Tuck which removed over 10.5  pounds giving her a much needed boost to her self-esteem.

Tummy Tuck Patient 36

September 12, 2018

Description:  Patient is 38 years old, 5’4″, 135 pounds and has had 6 children.  Tummy tuck abdominoplasty was performed to remove the excess skin and tighten the muscles in the abdomen.

Tummy Tuck Patient 35

September 7, 2018

Description:  Patient had a previous tummy tuck in Mexico with unsatisfactory results.  She consulted Dr. Schaffer about revising her abdominoplasty and removing her excess skin.  Her results are amazing.

Tummy Tuck Patient 34

Description:  Patient is 5’10” and 177 pounds and after giving birth to twins wanted to have all stretch marks and excess skin removed.  Tummy tuck was performed with a very low incision giving the patient a beautiful figure.

Tummy Tuck Patient 33

July 6, 2018

Description:  Patient is 49 years old, 5’2″ and 130 pounds.  Tummy tuck procedure was performed as the same time as a breast augmentation.  Patient stayed one night at the hospital and was able to return to work in 3 weeks.  Dr. Schaffer placed the abdominal incision very low to be hidden in a bikini and… Read More »

Tummy Tuck Patient 32

May 3, 2018

Description:  Patient is 40 years old, 5’1″, 138 pounds and consulted Dr. Schaffer about a Tummy Tuck.  Abdominoplasty surgery will remove the excess skin and tighten the muscles in the abdomen.

Tummy Tuck Patient 31

April 11, 2018

Description:  Patient is 40 year old female who weighs 162 pounds, and is 5’2″.  She has remained at a stable weight for six months and wanted to have the excess stomach tissue removed.  Dr. Schaffer used a very low incision and tightened the abdominal muscles.  Patient is very happy with the results of her Tummy Tuck.

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