Tummy Tuck Patient 1

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Description: Joanie, from Kyle, Texas, was referred to Dr. Schaffer by her friends. After seeing their results and hearing how happy they were with their experiences she decided to make an appointment with Dr. Schaffer. A mother of 3, Joanie had become self-conscious about her saggy breasts and her abdomen. During her consultation with Dr. Schaffer she expressed these concerns. After an extensive conversation, Joanie decided on a mommy makeover which includes breast augmentation and an abdominoplasty (tummy tuck). She had the opportunity to try many different implant sizes. At a height of 4’8” and weight of 126lbs, Dr. Schaffer recommended that a 325cc implant filled to 360 on the right and 375 on the left would be appropriate to accomplish her goals. Joanie is very happy with the results of her mommy makeover.

Gender: Female

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