Tummy Tuck Patient 7

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Description: Afton, from Corpus Christi, Texas was unhappy with her lower abdominal area and wanted to find a cosmetic procedure that would help with the stretch marks in her abdomen and the appearance of her hips and back. The first thing that drew her to Dr. Schaffer was the before and after photos on his website of actual patient’s procedures. Afton was very impressed with Dr. Schaffer’s results of his abdominoplasty and liposuction. During Afton’s initial consultation Dr. Schaffer recommended a Tummy Tuck with suction assisted liposuction of her thighs and hip area. Dr. Schaffer answered all of Afton’s question and she scheduled for the next surgical opening. She is thrilled with the results of her surgery where 887 grams was removed from her abdominal and 600 ml were removed from her hip and back area. Afton is very thankful for her new figure thanks to Dr. Schaffer.
Patient Age: 40
Gender: Female

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