Cases in Liposuction

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Liposuction Patient 1

December 9, 2016

Description: Georgia from San Antonio, Texas was referred to Dr. Schaffer by a friend and previous patient. She underwent gastric bypass surgery and lost over 100 pounds. She was unhappy with the residual fatty tissue and sagging appearance of the skin on her arms. She desired to have the excess skin removed. After consulting with… Read More »

Liposuction Patient 2

Description: Mackenzie is a 32 year old professional from Houston, Texas. Mackenzie is 4 feet 11 inches and weighs 112 pounds. She is very active and has devoted herself to workout 3 hours a day. Mackenzie consulted with Board Certified Plastic Surgeon Dr. Schaffer about Liposuction to several areas that seemed to be resistant to… Read More »

Liposuction Patient 3

Description: Rita, from Houston Texas, came in to see Dr. Schaffer regarding the appearance of her neck. During her consultation, Dr. Schaffer recommended liposuction to the neck. Rita was very impressed with Dr. Schaffer and his credentials that she booked the procedure that day. Rita is extremely happy with the results and has considered returning… Read More »

Liposuction Patient 4

Description: Jennifer from Corpus Christi, Texas heard about Dr. Schaffer from her friend that had surgery done by him recently. Jennifer’s initial consultation was everything she was hoping for. She got all of her questions answered as well as a complete explaination of the type of surgery recommended. Dr. Schaffer recommended liposuction of abdominal, inner… Read More »

Liposuction Patient 5

Description: Arianne from Hondo, Texas decided to have body contouring liposuction at the same time as her breast augmentation with Dr. Schaffer. During her initial consultation Dr. Schaffer thoroughly explained the procedures for both her breast enhancement and liposuction. He discussed the technical aspect of each procedure, expected results, and recover for both surgeries. Arianne’s… Read More »

Liposuction Patient 6

Description: Aspen, a patient from Fredericksburg, Texas scheduled a consultation with Dr. Schaffer after seeing that he was a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon and the reviews he received from previous patients. Aspen had participated in a weight loss program for some time and lost over 50 pounds, but felt that she needed a little extra… Read More »

Liposuction Patient 7

Description: Kim, from San Antonio, Texas had been interested in having liposuction for many years. She found Dr. Eric Schaffer when doing some research online. After seeing his before and after photos on the website, Kim was convinced to have her procedure with him. Dr. Schaffer removed 1100cc from her abdomen and 600cc from her… Read More »

Liposuction Patient 8

Description: Cassandra from Hondo, Texas is a patient that came to Dr. Eric Schaffer after seeing his before and after photos online. She was very unhappy with the shape of her neck. During her consultation, Dr. Schaffer recommended liposuction to the neck in order to create a more flattering appearance. Cassandra is now very happy… Read More »

Liposuction Patient 9

Description: Mary, from Austin, Texas came to Dr. Eric Schaffer in hopes to correct the excess weight around her hips and abdomen. She was unhappy with the appearance of her tummy. Now, Mary is much more comfortable and happy with the new beautiful results of her hips and tummy. Patient Age: 42 Height: 5’4″ Weight:… Read More »

Liposuction Patient 10

Description: Jason, a patient from San Marcos, Texas had been interested in having liposuction for the past year. He found Dr. Eric Schaffer online and right away called to schedule his consultation. Jason also had an umbilical hernia that was contributing to his uncomfortable situation. Dr. Eric Schaffer was able to repair the hernia and… Read More »

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