Posts From April, 2022

Close-up of woman's Lips with Fashion pink Make-up

Thinning Lips? Here’s What You Can Do!

You spend enough time looking in the mirror to notice subtle changes in your appearance. You might notice a little spot here and there. You might see when those worry lines or frown lines start to etch themselves in your forehead. At some point, you may also notice that your lips don’t look as full… Read More »

Attractive young woman in underwear smiling while standing

Tummy Tuck Scarring Questions Answered

The midsection is an area of the body that most people know can harbor more fat than we’d like. For some, loose abdominal tissue isn’t even about existing fat, but fat that has been eliminated via surgery or diet and exercise. The issue with the midsection is that the muscle and skin can stretch to… Read More »

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