Painlessly and Permanently Remove Unwanted Body Hair

Young woman is having leg hair removal treatment with medical laser.Unwanted body hair can appear anywhere on your body. Shaving, waxing, and depilatory creams are easy ways to remove this hair. These are relatively temporary and can be inconvenient to keep up with. However, shaving and waxing can be painful and irritate the skin in sensitive areas, while hair removal creams and gels can cause reactions that can potentially become severe.

Thankfully, doctors and aestheticians can now use laser light energy safely, effectively, and nearly permanently remove unwanted body hair. Using a specific frequency and intensity of laser light, the “bulge” at the base of hair follicles is heated up and stops the continued growth. Eventually, the hair will naturally fall out, leaving smooth skin below.

Laser hair removal is not only wholly non-invasive but also causes minimal pain and discomfort during each session. Being so gentle, there is nearly no area that can’t be effectively treated. Depending on the size and location of the area to be treated, treatment sessions can take less than 30 minutes.

Most patients rarely report anything more than very mild discomfort or pain. When areas requiring the smaller of the two laser devices to be used, the sensation has been commonly described as similar to a rubber band being lightly snapped against the skin.

There is virtually no recovery after each treatment. While there might be some redness, soreness, or increased sensitivity, this usually resolves within a few hours. It is important to avoid direct sun exposure for a few weeks to avoid potential damage, as the treated skin will be more susceptible to sun damage.

Hair follicles are in 1 of 3 phases of growth. Since the laser is only effective at affecting the hair follicles in one of these phases, it does take around 4-6 treatment sessions to fully and permanently remove as much hair as possible.

With the convenience and ease of laser hair removal, there is no reason to wait. Call Board-Certified Dr. Eric Schaffer office and schedule with Victoria at 210-227-3223 or visit for information.

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